Wednesday, March 25

Battle Report - Firey Doooooom

Richard and I had a 750 game last night, using the "bushfire" scenario - the one where four fires rage out of control and get bigger and bigger - causing a POW12 damage roll on anything in them.

Since we knew this before we picked our armies, I went for something I wouldnt normally use in a game - full Jack Karchev list.

My army:

Beast 09

(btw, looked awesome set up as well - since all were fully painted)

Circle army was Baldur + construct heavy, 2 Woldwardens, a Woldwatcher and a Wyrd, a Warpy, 2 Argii, and then some solos - Sentry Stone, Shifting Stones, LotF and Saxon Orrick.

The game got very chaotic, fires raging out of control and doubling up on most of our models. The most casaulties were definitely from the fires, they burnt the majority of Richards army to a crisp, but not damaging my high armour models tooo much... untill the last two turns, where unlucky rolls practically disabled both Drago and the Zerker.

I ended up losing two of my Jacks, the Spriggan and Beast 09, from heavy pummelling and not a few fire rolls. Behemoth did exceptionally well, Bombarding away while sitting next to the centre of a fire, rolling at -9 to damage he took something like 3 damage from 10+ fire rolls. With the Aiming bonus and the Flare from the Spriggan (get to that in a second) he was on RAT 7 most of the time, and Karchev kept him fed full of Focus for boosts. He ended up with 3 / 36 boxes left, one damage away from being disabled.

The Spriggan did really well, and was the rock for the rest of my army. With a powerful charge he managed to kill a Woldwarden in a couple of hits, and then the combined attack from the rest of the circle army took out his movement. Then, being chain paralysed by an Argus, all the poor Spriggan could do was lob grenades into the tightly packed circle army, and I finally realised the value of the Spriggan - grenades are AWESOME!! Flashbangs and Flares went off all over the place, thoroughly splatting the circle army, and making them more vulnerable to the Behemoth. The Spriggan eventually died, but only after taking 3 turns of heavy pummelling, it was a Warpwolf + Woldwarden charge that got him in the end, but those two heavies took a massive pummelling to kill him.

End game, Karchev collected his 3 remaining Jacks with tow and hightailed it out of there. Baldur had one shifting stone, a badly damaged Woldwatcher and a Warpwolf left, and Baldur himself was heavily hurt. We chalked it up to a draw, as we couldnt get to each other any more. The fires had spread so big that if we wanted to advance, every model would take 4 POW12s - 2 from moving into the fire, and 2 from the fire expanding on the next round.

Good game though, was a lot of fun, but those damn fires made for a verrrry tricky game!

Sunday, March 22

No new posts for awhile, but some upcoming battle reports are announced!

Ok, so ive been slacking off a bit in posting here, my position at work has changed to more customer service and thus havent had as much time to post things while getting paid for it.


Ive played a few games since the last post, but havent been bothered documenting them. Most recent game was a 400 point a person 2v2 battle, Khador + Everblight vs Circle + Circle.

Khador had Vlad, teamed up with Everblights Lylyth. Circle used Kaya and Kruegar.

The army I took was typical Khador, heavy armour + ranged bombard attacks with a couple of powerful solos.

Vlad with the Behemoth did exceptionally well, I am always amazed at the power of a Behemoth's fists, two-shotting a fully healed Woldwarden. He went on to one-shot a Gorax and an Argus later on in the game, all the while pummeling Kruegar with Bombards that tagged him multiple times with blast damage. Two mortars lasted the entire game, scattering blasts that killed a lot of the Wolves of Orboros and did splash damage on a few beasts. The Drakhun worked wonders as always, killing a Woldwyrd, Lord of the Feast, and most of a Woldwarden before being fatally charged by a frenzying Carnivean.

An epic duel happened between Yuri the Axe and the Lord of the Feast in the first few turns of the game, although both had the power to one-shot each other, Lord of the Feast charged Yuri while he was in a forest, hitting with only one of his 3 flying steel attacks - then rolling 1,1 for damage. Yuri then charged back, only hitting with 1 of his 3 attacks as well! This then had a shocking roll, and failed to kill LotF. LotF then attacked Yuri AGAIN, and missed all his attacks. At this point, Yuri had to bail due to a lightning ball from Kruegars feat sitting right on top of him. Yuri killed a War Wolf, and the Drakhun charged from behind to kill the Lord of the Feast. Yuri soon met a similar end when the previously mentioned lightning ball landed on top of him.

The game ended with Lylyth narrowly avoiding death when Kruegar charged her, then retaliating and killing Kruegar on the next round. The Behemoth was the last one fighting against Kaya, and boosted to hit with S+P and managed to crush her where she stood.

Good fun, and the Circle alliance vowed bloody revenge - to be continued on Wednesday.

Also, im heading down to the club on thurs with a small contingent of WM to see if i can pick a fight down there..... im thinking 350 Mangled Metal, Vlad / Zerker / Zerker / Drago.