Friday, November 27

Scorched Earth - Secondary list - Karchev!

The second list im thinking of for Scorched Earth:

Army Points: 40
Karchev the Terrible-5
Beast 0911
Battle Mechaniks (6)3
Battle Mechaniks (6)3
Koldun Lord2

Karchev and his crew (the three character jacks) are towing around all over the place, aided by Sidearms etc, while the Mechaniks wait in the wings to run in and repair if needed, while the Koldun Lord is there to throw the odd Power Booster if focus gets tight, and Fenris is there, because, well, hes cool looking :D

On second thoughts, maybe swapping Fenris for a Wardog and an Ogrun Bokur would be a good idea, to protect Karchev from more assassination attempts...

1st list for Scorched Earth: eSorcha (or Sorcha2 as some people are calling her)

Heres my first rendition of a list:

Army Points: 40


Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff-6
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (2)3
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (2)3
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich2
Winter Guard (10)6
Winter Guard Officer and Standard Bearer
Beast 0911
Winter Guard Rocketeer1
Winter Guard Rocketeer1
Kossite Woodsmen (10)6
Kossite Woodsmen (6)4
Kossite Woodsmen (6)4
Yuri the Axe3

Here im going with the traditional Winterguard eSorcha list, one big group of Winterguard with all the trimmings except 1 WA (cut for points). Beast 09 for heavy support, 2 x mortars for long range support and then my secret weapon - 22, yes, 22 Kossite Woodsmen waiting in the wings with Yuri the Axe to give them all Tree Walker!!! As an incredibly cheap point for bodies ratio, that can ambush during the game - I am very interested in how this is going to work!

Needs testing, but i think it has potential.

Thursday, November 26

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth is a 40pt MK2 tourny pretty close to me, in about 2 weeks.

This means ive got 2 weeks to create and test 2 x 40pt lists!!

Where: Hutt Wargaming Club - St Brendans Primary School, Palmers Cres, Upper Hutt.
When: Saturday, December 12th.
What is the event? 40 Point MARK2 Warmachine and Hordes event.
Rules set: Steamroller 4 variant :).
TD: Chris Otton
The nice people at the Hutt Gaming Club have offered their venue for us to play at for free! The school is opposite Trentham train station for the public transport group of players, and has plenty of parking for drivers.
Further details:
  • This will be a mixed event (Hordes and Warmachine)
  • Hordes use the playtest rules available 24th November, WM use final Mk2 rules
  • $5 entry fee (for prizes) collected on the day.
  • 2 x 40point lists - same faction. Mercs may use different contracts
  • each game will be 90 minutes with 12 minute player turns (please bring a timer/stopwatch)
  • scoring will follow the Steamroller system: 1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss or draw, ties decided by strength of schedule
  • No proxies!!
Doors open at the Hutt club at 9.30am please arrive as close to 9.30am as you can to get sorted for the first round :)
The rounds are as follows:
10:00 - 11:30 - Mosh Pit
11:30 - 12:00 - lunch
12:00 - 1:30 - On the Move
2:00 - 3:30 - Process of elimination

Tuesday, November 24

Maelstroms Christmas Sale!

Hey guys - if you are wanting to pick up some extra models for christmas, Maelstrom are having a 16% off sale, so long as you use the super secret voucher code ... "CHRIMBO".

Im thinking about completing my Khador collection. Currently, the only things im missing are:

Doomreavers (£17.95)
Decimator Heavy Warjack (£21.55)

Coming soon though, is the release of Kommander Strahkov, the Winterguard Riflemen, and the Widowmaker Marksman. These two items are also pretty cheap for what they are, £17.95 for the Doomies and £21.55 for the Plastic Warjack kit. The Warjack kit would also come with spare Bombards, Heads, Axes etc.

Im not going to go for ridiculous amounts of double ups, because, lets face it, I already have ridiculous amounts of double ups. I should have enough to make most tier lists, and until the tier lists come out its a bit pointless to buy up "potential" tier lists.

Mercs on the other hand - are a different story. Theres the new ones released which are pretty awesome, Blythe and Bull, and Harlan Versh, who both work for Khador. Id really like Versh, although B+B are a bit lackluster so far...


Harlan Versh (£6.25)
Blythe And Bull (£11.65)
Saxon Orrik (who is great in MK2 Hordes!) (£5.35)
Reinholdt (£3.55 )
Stannis Brocker (because cavalry models are awesome!) (£10.75)
Orin Midwinter (£5.85)

Realistically, I think Ill go for the following models, to extend the tactical toolbox of my Khador army - which is almost overflowing anyway!

Versh, Orrik, Reinholdt and Orin

All in all, this ended up costing me £19.62 for 4 very nice and handy solos. A great little xmas present for myself :D

Monday, November 23


This is the army of JTY of Privateer Press Forums fame's 500pt Butcher army.

Truly a sight to behold!!!

Monday, November 16

Mmm Kommander Strahkov

Another fantastic addition to Khador, due out in March! I will be placing a preorder for this model, thats for sure.

Heres the link, as I am at work and cant quite get to put the picture up: (Might come later)

Kommander Strahkov

Sunday, November 1


Heres some pics from our campaign in the WKRPG - we had a party of 6, including such notables as Gribbler the Blighted Gobber, Syrax the Persuasive One (a Satyxis), and Axe the Juggernaut, a mighty Trollkin.

We faced off against around 16 Winterguard and their Widowmaker attachment, and after they got the jump on our group did some serious damage to one of our little Gobber friends, luckily not Gribbler though!

After some intense hand to hand combat and a mighty shooting duel between Raymonds Iosan bowwoman and two Widowmakers our group was successful, and routed the remaining enemy forces to complete Part 3 of the Deceptive Myriad.

After his Gobber master goes down, the Wardog frenzies maniacally and attacks the Winterguard - who fight back admirably, and nearly kill it!

Syrax, Trog and Gribbler take on the majority of the Winterguard in close combat, with Gribbler blasting away with his Hand Cannon.

The two Winterguard on top of the tower prove difficult to remove, and they fire down on our group throughout the game until Axe unleashes his fury on them. On the right you can see Raymonds ranged chick fighting off the Widowmakers.

An overall view of the battlefield, with some awesome dice rolls to go with it!!