Thursday, February 19

Man Of War Drakhun

An addition to the Spotlight series on my Khador troops: The Man Of War Drakhun.

This elite trooper wears the infamous Man of War steam armour, and incredibly tough suit of armour providing mechanikal protection to an extreme level. However, this is not without its risks, as when damaged steam leaks and other malfunctions can be just as hazardous as enemy ordnance.

Riding a Carpathian Destrier the Drakhun is a step above even the elite Man of War troops, an expert rider of no small skill his bond with his mount allows him to negate the most glaring weakness of the general Man of War, their slow speed. His skill with his mount allows him to use it as an effective weapon and also to remain on his steed even amongst the most mightiest of attacks.

With the high MAT of an elite trooper, a Weapon Master with his Executioner blade and Flying Steel to boot, all on top of a POW14 hit with his mount the Drakhun produces multiple hard-hitting attacks in a single charge.

High ARM, equal to most Heavy Warjacks and 20 life boxes makes him an incredible force to stick around in the field. His relatively low defence unfortunately makes him an easy target for those trying to take him down. Once he takes his first 10 damage he loses his mount, and becomes a hard to kill powerhouse on the ground, similar to the Man of War Shocktroopers but with Flying Steel and Weapon Master, and a higher MAT.

Of his special rules - what springs to mind as one of his most effective is Expert Rider, making him immune to knockdown effects like a Throw, Headbutt, Critical Knockdowns and Kreoss's feat. This can be very scary for enemies when armies who rely on Knockdowns come up against him. Also his ability to Counter - Charge any enemy who ends their movement within 6" of him can prove to be their downfall, as well as give the Drakhun an amazing speed boost.

His threat range is massive, a total of 7" movement, 3" charge and 2" reach giving a total of 12". Make that 14" when given the Boundless Charge spell, and you have a hard hitting missile with a threat range much higher than most enemies. Combine this with the tactic known as "the Flying Drakhun" and you can increase it by up to 7". A two-fisted warjack such as the Behemoth or the Kodiak can give him a welcome push by throwing him half their strength, and he will always land on his feet due to Expert Rider. Ready then, for a massive assault, charging through small based models and annihilating whatever he was aiming for. Blood Legacy, eVlad's feat, on top of this tactic WILL lead to many deaths in the name of Khador.

All in all, a powerful solo that combines the virtues of hitting hard, moving quickly, cheap to take and excellent synergy with Warcasters and Warjacks. A one stop shop of destruction!

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