Saturday, December 12

Epic 3 Way!

After a few days of hard eating, drinking and sleeping over christmas, im ready to comment on these photos!!

... on second thoughts im still feeling queasy. I think ill just put captions down here.

What basically happened was a 1v1v1 Tobys Khador, Raymonds Everblight and my Khador playing "Capture the Flag". Was a lot of fun, ill probably write up our custom scenario rules later on.

Warning: Photos not in chronological order :P

Beast 09 just ripped 3 Raptors to shreds in one hit!

Raymonds Deathstalker grabbed a flag and ran all the way back to his base, being chased by Epic Butcher.

Beast 09 had just Threshered practically an entire unit of Doom Reavers. Good times!

Raymonds Everblight sneak around the place, trying to avoid the angry gaze of Epic Butcher.

A terse stand-off: Karchev + Jacks, meet Doom Reavers and Fenris.

The boys in RED!

Raymonds Strike Team - The MoW are actually Nephilim Protectors.

Karchev and the team are ready to go!

The game didnt quite end, but it was a lot of fun. Raymond almost capped his flags and called in reinforcements - Toby lost pretty much everything and Karchev was pumping his Arcane Turbine, ready to pick up his flags.

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