Sunday, September 28

2 Games vs Protectorate of Menoth

Last week at the club, played John twice, at 500 and 350. 500 points, i was fielding my Juggernaut, Destroyer, 4 Widowmakers, 2 Manhunters and Yuri The Axe, and Karchev! Played against about 5 Light Warjacks, and 1 Heavy Warjacks plus Kreoss.

500 point battle went well for me, killed most of his army and forced Kreoss to give up at the loss of only one Manhunter.

350 point battle was much closer, Karchev took about 75% damage before a combination of Sniper attacks from the Widowmakers and a brave Manhunter finished Kreoss off. Funniest thing was performing a Throw power attack to a heavy warjack to try and land it on Kreoss, to instead have it deviate and squash Yuri the Axe into pulp!

Good games though, got some more to do next week!! =D

Saturday, September 13

Karchev The Terrible!

This is the first post in my new series of Spotlight articles for Warmachine, each time I do it I will focus on one of my characters, units or Warjacks and give a quick overview of who they are, what they do, and any reallly cool thing they may have done in the past. (Which wont be much as I have only played 3 games)

Karchev The Terrible:

Well, to begin with, hes my Warcaster Jack. Basically a man encased in a shell of steel (kinda like Robocop) he is a massive presence on the field. One of the only Warcasters who can do power attacks, he can slam, trample, armlock and throw his enemies around the field, well, whenever hes not trashing people with Sunder, his P+S 19 Axe! Not much can withstand a few hits from Karchev, but he can be dealt with at the same time.

His damageboxes come in the form of a Warjack, and its is possible for him to lose his arms and movement, severely decreasing his effectiveness.

His spells are great, and they all are most beneficial for Warjacks. Possibly his best spell, Unearthly Rage, makes all his Warjacks extremely powerful, recieving free boosted attacks and damage rolls! Especially good with Berserkers, who can explode if they recieve focus like normal. They definitely wont with UR on them!

His feat is alright, very much aimed at increasing his Warjacks potential even further. All his Warjacks may make a free charge or power attack this turn, and can charge over rough terrain! While situational, it ensures that his 'Jacks get to where they do best - melee.

All in all, a very cool caster, synergy with Warjacks (my favourite models), and a monster in melee himself.

Cool things hes done so far --- chopped some shredders to little pieces. Mutilated a Seraph. Killed Lylyth twice, and Kreoss twice.

Tuesday, September 9

Karchev Makes His Appearance

I have finally completed my Karchev the Terrible, fully painted, based and glued together (through much blood, sweat and tears) and i am happy with the result.

Now my rage-filled warlord requires some meaty Warjacks to accompany him, but i still have Yuri the Axe and his two crazed henchman to do first.

At the time of posting, Karchev has killed Lylyth twice and himself been slightly wounded (ok, he may have been killed) once by the treacherous archer.

Thursday, September 4

Trollbloods Warlocks!

This is the 4th and final part of this series of Hordes Warlocks:

Trollbloods are the "good" guys in Hordes, trying to form a home of their own. Trolls are massive creatures that can regenerate wounds done to them. Has a good mix of shooting, big monsters and magic.

Madrak Ironhide:

  • Tough, and hits hard from both melee and ranged.
  • Not as much synergy as other casters, but can buff melee monsters up something crazy.

Grissel Bloodsong:

  • Greatly exaggerates synergies already present in Trollblood armies.
  • Doesnt need warbeasts like other casters do.
  • However, limited number of spells on her means she benefits from the animi of other warbeasts that you take.

Grim Angus:

  • Good overall 'caster that can negate trickery by other armies.
  • Can methodically remove single models from the enemy army, resulting in loss of strategic elements.

Hoarluk Doomshaper:

  • Very weak, but powerful magic means he can control his warbeasts very well.
  • Low command so good with fearless units.
  • Practically requires a Dire Troll.

Borka Kegslayer:

  • A one man bar brawler, buffs his units up with beer themed moves!
  • Can cause some massive carnage, but cant take many warbeasts due to a low fury stat.
  • Good for melee armies.

Skorne Warlocks!

This is the third part of the series featuring the Hordes Warlocks:

Circle Of Oboros Warlocks!

This is the second part of this series of Hordes Warlocks:

Legion of Everblight Warlocks!

This is the first post in a new series featuring the Warlocks of Hordes:

The Legion of Everblight is a dragonlike army based on creatures without eyes, but have supernatural senses. Undead for the most part combined with dragonspawn, they are fast and agile but somewhat fragile.

Vayl, Disciple of the Everblight:

  • Completely dependent on Warbeasts, very fragile warcaster.
  • There are benefits to her getting into the fight, as she becomes monstrous when combined with her warbeasts.
  • Relies on transferring damage onto her Warbeasts to make up for her lack of defence.

Thargrosh, Prophet of the Everblight:

  • Focuses on melee-orientated Warbeast heavy forces, works well with at least one Carnivean.
  • His feat allows him to ressurect any Warbeast he has. (Hence works well with a Carnivean).
  • Close Support Caster.

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight:

  • Very quick with good ranged abilities.
  • Good at manipulating the game halfway through.

Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight:

  • A melee monster, basically very powerful but dies easily to concentrated attacks, or attacks that hit easily.
  • Powerful feat that should be used to deal heavy damage to an opposing warcaster/army.

Lylyth, Herald of the Everblight:

  • Some of the best ranged attacks in the game.
  • Leads from behind, has great synergy with some of the Legion's warbeasts.
  • Good feat that allows some of the Legions monsters to become extremely powerful for one turn.

Personal Kills: 2

Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters!

Kreoss Kills: 2

This is the 4th and final part of my Warmachine Warcasters:

Khador Warcasters!

This is the third part in my series of Warmachine Warcasters:

Khador is the northern alpine land of the Iron Kingdoms, dominated by mountains, snow and hinterland. The Khadoran people are hardy, used to the frigid conditions and warmed with a powerful rage aimed at enemies of the Motherland. Khadoran Warjacks are slow, tough, and very strong.

Koldun Kommander Zerkova:

  • Newest Warcaster to Khador, not much is known about her but suspicions are she is similar to the Old Witch.

Vladimir, The Dark Prince:

  • Good at helping Warjacks get faster, one of the best buffing spells in the game as well.
  • Extremely strong in combat due to his spell Blood Of Kings.
  • Excellent synergy with other warcasters.

Kommander Sorscha:

  • Very difficult to hit, using spells can get her avoidance up to an extreme amount.
  • One of the most powerful feats in the game, freezing all enemy units in LOS.
  • Can be difficult to get the hang of.

Old Witch of Khador And Scrapjack:

  • Steals souls, and has sneaky tricks like teleportation.
  • Has an excellent combo to kill enemy troopers.
  • Fairly fragile, easy to kill.

Karchev the Terrible:

  • Basically a Warjack as well as a Warcaster, high toughness, high damage boxes.
  • Makes Warjacks under his control much better.
  • Has a trick to make his warjacks really fast.

Kommandant Irusk:

  • A Commander of Men, works well with infantry and troops.
  • Doesnt take Warjacks, however Kodiaks are a good idea with him.
  • Excellent Secondary Commander.

The Butcher Of Khardov:

  • The benchmark for melee hitting power, can mutilate practically every model in the game with his axe, "Lola".
  • Given that, he is a subtle warcaster and not the easiest one to master.

Cygnar Warcasters!

The second part of my series into the Warcasters of Warmachine.

Cryx Warcasters!

This is the first post of a series of informative articles on the different factions available in Warmachine / Hordes.

I will start with Cryx, putting up pictures and quick bullet point references for each 'caster:

Goreshade the Bastard:
  • He is a tricky caster, capable of messing with peoples plans.
  • Not extremely strong in melee combat.
  • Good at using both troops and Warjacks.

Iron Lich Asphyxious:

  • Solid melee ability and good spells means he is a flexible warcaster.
  • EXTREMELY flexible, good with both troops and warjacks, can respond to many armies he may fight.

Lich Lord Terminus:

  • Extremely strong melee fighter.
  • Works well with a lot of infantry models, but due to high command also can control the powerful but unpredictable warjacks of Cryx.

Skarre, The Pirate Queen:

  • Can kill the enemy warcaster in the 2nd turn if she gets lucky.
  • Very good with infantry troops.
  • Can be killed relatively easily, but has strong spells to kill other people as well.

Warwitch Deneghra:

  • Very flimsy, low armour and defence points, can be killed in one hit by many things.
  • A very strong Feat, but needs to be used carefully to get the most effect out of it.

Witch Coven of Gharlghast:

  • Unique that they are 3 characters instead of 1.
  • Very weak individually, die easily.
  • Powerful magic that can assasinate warcasters.

Master Necrotech Mortenebra:

  • Warjack focused Warcaster.
  • Mostly used to aggresively position your Warjacks for the kill.

Well, thats it for Cryx!!!! 3 more Warmachine factions to go, and 4 Hordes.

Updates coming up tomorrow!!

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