Tuesday, January 5

35pt Theme Army: Zerkova vs Epic Feora

My next 35pt themed game involved my Zerkova Army List vs Johns list - which consisted of, as far as I can remember:

>Reckoner (i think - one with a mace and a cannon)
Temple Flameguard w/ Attachment
Paladin OTOOTW
Daughters of the Flame


I deployed first in typical fashion for this army, AD in a skirmish line, Yuri hanging back, GB's on the flank, and a blob of heavy hitters guarding Zerkova.

The Menoth troopers deploy in a wide arc, TFG on the right flank, with three (!) heavies in the middle protecting Feora. At this point, I know if I dont get the first hit in, im not going to survive.

Turn 1:

I advance my troops - under cover of Twister and Greylord Clouds. The Widowmakers sniper off some of the TFG, inciting them to run into combat with the Widowmakers. The Reckoner shoots the leader of the Great Bears, setting him both on fire and killing him outright. Luckily, he makes his Tough roll.

Turn 2:

The Widowmakers shoot some more of the TFG, while the Great Bears charge into melee with two of the Warjacks, a Crusader and the Reckoner, doing serious damage but failing to kill either of them. The Destroyer takes some more shots, but doesnt manage to do significant damage. Zerkova walks up, Influences the Paladin, and makes him hit the Crusader in the back - doing like 10 damage! She spends some more Focus on spells, then pops her feat to ensure no reprisals. John advances forward, but is unable to make any attacks stick. The TFG run into combat with the remaining Widowmakers.

Turn 3:

Yuri the Axe charges - and Threshers fully half of the TFG. A Greylord moves forwards, and Frostbites the remaining TFG - leaving one man standing. The Juggernaut charges, and with 3 Focus lays the smackdown on two of the Menite jacks - failing to kill either of them! A Manhunter also charges in, hitting on 4's, and misses. Johns counterattack is neutered as his Jacks have crippled weapons, but still almost trashes the Juggernaut in return! The one remaining TFG kills Yuri the Axe. Feora uses her flamethrowers, but doesnt do significant damage. She tries to cast a spell on the Juggernaut - who has Banishing Ward on him.

Turn 4:

My Juggernaut has no Cortex left, and so cant be given Focus! The Widowmakers finish the TFG, while my Manhunters attempt to finish the Jacks. They kill a Crusader, but fail to kill the Reckoner. Zerkova retreats, and ineffectually casts some spells. The Mechanics repair 6 health of the Juggernaut - and then I forget to activate him!! Argh! John uses the Crusader and Paladin, and almost drop the Juggernaut again. Feora took some damage from the Greylords and the Destroyer and so runs off. The Reckoner kills both Manhunters in melee with it.

Turn 5: Final Turn

In my final turn, a combined attack from Widowmakers, Greylords, the fully healed (well, systems wise) Juggernaut and Destroyer kill all remaining enemy models except for Feora. Game to me!


I really like this list with Zerkova now, everything seemed to be able to do its job, I was glad I had Yuri instead of a hopeless Mortar as he was integral to taking out the TFG. Destroyer and Juggy did well, Destroyer wasnt too important, but had a pressing task - the Watcher jack. Greylords are actually growing on me, their sprays are quite powerful.

Im happy with Zerkovas list for the moment - one thing im considering is replacing the Destroyer with a Decimator - but that can wait till next game :)

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