Wednesday, October 29

Yuri The Axe

Ok, so it was a little weird having this pic up with no words, but it was a rush to get it on before going to work. This particular article is the second in my "Spotlight" series, focusing on the models I have completed.

Yuri the Axe is a looow cost character solo, and is depicted as an elite Manhunter, sometimes employed by a Khador army. He is fast, strong and difficult to hit, like the Manhunters, however has relatively low armour, so one big hit will kill him pretty easily. With flying steel he can get up to 3 attacks, which i have found is more than enough to wreck most 'Jacks and Beasts, but could also take a decent chunk out of smaller units. With Reach as well, very rarely are those attacks wasted.

His most interesting abilities lie in his synergy with Manhunters. Normally, only 1 Manhunter per army is allowed. Fielding Yuri increases this by 1, so you could take 2 Manhunters + Yuri. He gives these Manhunters "Tree Walker" as well, so they can hide within a forest further than 3" and still draw LOS through them.

In the games ive played with him, he has been very hit and miss. Although you can Advance Deploy him, this is not always a good idea, as he could get killed too early. He generally lurks in a forest, until such time as a juicy target walks past that he can charge. This has led to some games, him not doing anything at all, just scarily waiting in a forest. Other times though, he has single handedly killed a Carnivean.

Ill have to use him a bit more and see if my tactics with him improve!

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