Tuesday, December 2

Battle Report for last night:

Last night Henk, Richard and I had 2 games total, with one of us spectating each game. First game was Me versus Richard at 350 points, which Richard won, and the second game was Henk versus Richard at 500 points, which Richard also won!

I blame my terrible loss on trying out an entirely new and experimental army, the 701st Iron Rain! Led by Kommandant Irusk, (who I had never used before) and consisting of his personal Kodiak, a unit of Wintergaurd with UA and WA, supported by Kovnik Joe and a Mortar I was playing against Baldur, 2 Woldwyrds, the Druids, Lord of the Feast and Saxon Orrik.

Started off well, with my guys running and bobbing and weaving into positions, mortar fire doing absolutely nothing, and Irusk confusedly trying to get into a good position. Unfortunately for my Kodiak, I had placed him in a forest and Baldur forest-walked into melee range and with his entire army pummeled the Kodiak into mangled metal. (Was close though, only the very last attack killed it!)

Missing again, the mortar did no damage, and the Winterguard moved around and took some potshots at Baldur (who had no fury on him, ripe for the plucking) and failed miserably with a shocking display of dice. Irusk charged him, and was 1/2 an inch out of range!!! His 2 shots with his rifle did manage to take off half Baldurs health, but now I was in range of his whole army. Popped his feat (4+ save everytime I die, including my warcaster) but it wasnt enough and Irusk got the snot beaten out of him.

Lessons learnt: Irusk =/= Vlad. Not good at close combat! Winterguard are not elite troops. Miss often. Kodiaks are cool, but die just as quick as every other Jack. After the Kodiak went down, and 1/3rd of my army with it, I was up the proverbial creek, and as soon as Irusk missed his charge I was definitely screwed. Must remember to position things better!

The second game of the night was Henk vs Richard, geez those two spend a long time thinking about what they are going to do. After a few hours of playing, Baldur charged Saeryn and smacked her in the face. Some cool things happened, like the Lord of the Feast getting 3 Carrion tokens and having 1 life left, Baldur almost dieing the turn before he won, surviving with 2 health left, and the Carnivean frenzying at exactly the wrong time for Henk!

Mental note: Always be careful around forests with Baldur around.

Good times, beers were drunk, small arguments about measurements and wording of spells were had, so all in all a productive night! Next time: Sorcha WOOOSH rush!!


  1. Damn just how many extra games are you guys playing without me ;)

  2. Hehe, only a few, but Henk is too scared to play 750 with me, so I would be keen to play a bunch against you till we get to NZ Masters!