Tuesday, October 29

Episode IV: A New Hope

Soon to be an arrival in this space... finally completed unboxing of all my pieces at the new house, and so I will just start again as if I had never left. Kinda like an episode of the Simpsons.

Sunday, July 1

First Naval Battle

The first battle for the 9th Imperial "Kyuubi" Legion, fighting an advance force from the Federated States of America.

The war begins...

Colonel Ichisoku peers through his telescope, located between the massive top tentacles of his Ika class battleship, the IN "Madara". His face wrinkles in a grimace as he spots what appears to be a scout fleet from the Federated States of America. A Battleship, flanked by three Cruisers, and supported with an air-wing of what appeared to be fighters, their tiny shapes barely able to be made out amongst the clouds, while two large bombers appeared to be droning alongside the battleships port side.

His radio crackles as squadron commanders report in, two squadrons of the small Uwatsu frigates plowing their way through the ocean, with three of his own large bombers soaring next to their own fighter squadron. He smiles grimly as he realises that this will be the first real test of his new command, the 9th Kyuubi.

Colonel Ichisoku laughs as he watches the inexperienced American commander swings the gigantic battleship to starboard, almost plowing directly into his own squadron of Cruisers.

The radio squawks a report to him, which he hears over the low rumble of the Ika's twin engines. His own wing of fighter planes has spotted the enemy wing, which is almost in combat distance. With some luck, they should be able to ambush the enemy and win air superiority!

Moments later, the Japanese fighters patch in a garbled message - "Took... too....hits....enemy....*CRZZZ*" Looking out over the battlefield Ichisoku spots flashes of light in the air, and the screech as the full enemy wing rushes towards the now vulnerable heavy bombers. Enraged, Ichisoku gives the order for a full barrage of rockets from the bombers, which plow directly into one of the American cruisers, two massive explosions erupt from within its hull and the entire ship sinks below the waves.

Just as had thought, the enemy fighter wing engages the "Ametarasu" bomber formation, but as luck would have it the sheer amount of Ack-Ack forces the remaining fighters to flee their attack. Two loud thumps are heard reverberating through the water, even the gigantic mechanical squid shakes from the impact. Looking through his scope, Colonel Ichisoku sees two of his Frigates belching smoke from large fires coming off their decks. He breathes a sigh of relief as they are still floating, and turn to bring their guns to bear.

The enemy battleship turns side on, and fires an impressive amount of ordnance at squadrons of Frigates. Many are instantly destroyed, a single salvo from each cannon sending them into the icy water. Ichisoku's headphones ring with the screams of the dying. Ack-Ack from the cruisers manage to strike a vital point on an already damaged bomber, temporarily stopping the gigantic turbine it needed to stay aloft. Unfortunately, before the brave engineers could repair it, the huge bomber slammed into the water and broke into pieces. As Ichisoku watched, the third cruiser turns sharply, but not sharply enough to avoid the American battleship, and it plows straight into its prow - breaking off the entire front third. Ichisoku gives the order for a bombing run, and the two remaining bombers let loose their entire load onto the Cruiser that had just downed their comrade, Ichisoku sees at least three bombs land directly on the command tower, obliterating it from existence - and the ship sinks below the waterline.

Grimacing, he realises the enemy Battleship is still fully capable of wiping out his remaining fleet, at this point a lonely Frigate and his two bombers, and sets his navigational control to surface. Roaring from the depths in a tidal wave of frothing water and flailing tentacles, the "Madara" slams directly into the Battleships starboard side. He looks behind him at the honorable Urotsukidoji technicians, armed with eye-scope augmentations and pulling frantically at the many levers in front of them, as they control the dual tentacles, with the lesser technicians controlling the eight smaller arms. Screams echo throughout the ship, and Ichisoku watches as entire platoons of American marines are swept off into the water by the powerful steel arms. A tentacle comes down on the bridge of the battleship, and destroys it utterly.

A lone squadron of marines remains on the ship, as well as most of its crew. Several arms have been mangled beyond repair by the smaller deck guns, as well as concentrated fire from the marines. As luck would have it, a burst of speed from the Urotsukidoji corp results in wild flailing of the remaining tentacles, and with a final clang of steel against steel, the agonised cries from the battleship fall silent. Ichisoku braces as several torpedos impact against the reinforced hull, but they fail to damage any of the precious internal compartments. He turns his periscope to see the two remaining enemy Bombers swoop up into the air, and catch a thermal breeze to escape the wrath of his remaining forces.

Second Lieutenant Orochi walks up behind him and slaps him on the back, and he realises the crew are roaring and cheering their victory. "Congratulations Colonel, the Kyuubi's first victory!" Orochi yells into his face, as his stunned expression gives way to the smallest of smiles.

Wednesday, June 27

A Digression into Dystopia

Suffering from "Warmachine Fatigue", after many, many battles recently (including a 7 round tourney and a 4 round release event) Ive decided to branch out into a game just being picked up around here, Dystopian Wars.

Set in a steam-punk style universe, its on a grander scale to what im used to - namely 1200:1.

So far it seems like a great break from the intense tactical scrutiny of Warmachine, and feels a little like Epic (the old Warhammer 40K game, for those young'uns.)

Im enjoying rolling large numbers of dice again, and because of that this game is much more luck-based, and to me at least, it takes a lot of the stress out of it. Games are won and lost on "Exploding 6's", the phonemenon where rolling a 6 doubles your hits, and allows you to roll again, potentially getting another 6, ad infinitum. When you roll 12+ dice, you can get some really good rolls going, and even a lowly fighter plane can sink a mighty battleship with enough 6's.

Based loosely on the world stage pre-WW1, Ive gone for the Empire of the Blazing Sun, which is, obviously the Japanese faction. With unique ships (that look like trains) and amazing flying machines (gigantic helicopter/SHIELD flying fortress) and a super cool unique submarine shaped like a colossal squid, the look appealed to me.

At the moment, the other DW player and I (only the two of us to begin with it seems) are considering a campaign, in order to give some storyline impetus to the conflict. I will update our progress as we go, along with some pictures of the crazy battles that go on!

Tuesday, May 29

League Game - Harbinger v eDenny!

My next league game is coming up tonight, vs Menoth - and the Harbinger. This promises to be a hard fought battle by someone with a good sense of the rules, Paul is currently on a 50% win rate, with most of those wins by Caster Kill.

This game will use the Scenario Incoming - you score 1 CP for controlling your objective, and 2 CP for destroying the enemies and controlling his zone. I will have Nightmare ready to make sure the Harbinger is scared of getting close to her objective, while eDenny pops feat on hers to get her CPs. I want to win on scenario, but against this army ill be a little off balance - and wont hesitate to wipe the Harbinger out if I can. 2nd turn would suit me the most here, but Ill take what I can get :D

Holy Zealots
-Monolith Bearer

Paladin of the Wall
Vassal of Menoth
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

The Harbinger poses a great threat to a lot of my models, with her strong spell list. Cataclysm is pretty amazing, although if Harbinger is far away even my low ARM models might survive.

More worrying are all those light Warjacks. Only one has an arc-node however, so at least that limits the amount of magical attacks coming out of the Harbinger. (This is of course the Revenger - although I always mix them up since they sound the same)

The Heavy Warjack doesnt seem too bad, most of the things it would kill are immune for the most part to its attacks.

The Zealots are the only front line unit, but they are always dangerous since they have Greater Destiny to pop once a game. If I can catch him out, ill try and take that out first. Hellmouth would be good here, as it will auto-kill them under the template.

Of course, magical solos are all here - the Paladins have Magical Swords, and the Vassal has a magical bolt. The Vassal will probably be using Enliven and Ancillary instead, but its always good to keep an eye out on that sneaky magical attack there!