Tuesday, March 30

50pt Cryx vs Johns Menoth

Got a game against John next Thurs, and will play some Cryx against him. Heres an army list, haphazardly thrown together with some models I havent used yet. Should be fun :)

Lich Lord Asphyxious

Skarlock Thrall


Bile Thralls (Min)
Soulhunters (Min)
The Withershadow Combine

Bane Lord Tartarus
Bloat Thrall
General Gerlak Slaughterborn
Pistol Wraith

Lets see how well these guys do... (battle report to come in a week or so :D)

Monday, March 29

Strahky Done! Pic Turns Out OKish..


Here he is, done. Im working on getting a better pic, or editing this one better, but we will see how we go.

This will do for now:

Saturday, March 27

Extended Playing Around With "Black Operations"

From earlier, Ive got a 35pt list planned out, but have been thinking of extending it to 50pts as well. This is to complement my 'official' 50pt eVlad list, but Strahkov is just too cool not to extend him to this level as well.

To recap:


Black Operations Tier 4 35pts:

Strahkov = +6

Juggernaut (7)
Kodiak (8)

Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)
Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)

Widowmakers (4)
Widowmaker Marksman (free - tier 3)
Widowmaker Marksman (2)

Kossite Woodsmen (Min) 4

Total: 35


Black Operations Tier 4: 50pts

Strahkov = +6

Wardog (1)

Juggernaut (7)
Kodiak (8)
Destroyer (9)

Assault Kommandos (Max) 8
>WA x 3 (3)
Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)

Widowmakers (4)
Widowmaker Marksman (free - tier 3)
Widowmaker Marksman (2)

Kossite Woodsmen (Max) 6

Total: 50

What ive done here is add a Destroyer, for some bombard action combined with Sentry, should be quite useful, then upgraded one of the Assault Kommando units and the Kossite Woodsmen to maxed units, which should help them last longer, and then with the last point threw on a Wardog for kicks.

Friday, March 26

Strahky WIP - Base Colours

Getting there with Strahky, im enjoying painting this model. He oozes class.

And heres one i touched up a little with some amateur photoshopping:

Wednesday, March 24

Strahky - WIP Pics


Heres my WIP pics of him, built him a base out of grey stuff, with a rocky stone ground piece over it, and some trench spikes sticking out of it.

He is quite far forward on his base, which ive balanced by adding a decapitated head and a mutilated shield behind him - the wreckage he leaves in his wake.

Very nice model, and only 2 parts! (Body + Knife)

Ive made a slight alteration of the angle of his gun arm and his knife arm, just angled them slightly more horizontally giving him (i think) more presence.

Sunday, March 21

Warmachine Auctions

Some of my Khador I have too much of im selling on Trademe.

You probably only want to look at it if you live in NZ, as its probably quite expensive sending this stuff overseas :D


Old pSkarre
New pIrusk
Marauder (converted, missing head)
Unit of Kayazy Assassins
Unit of Widowmakers

Thursday, March 18

Painting List - Part 3 - This Time Its Personal

Well a lot of Jacks in this list, but luckily most of them are already done!


Karchev The Terrible = +5 = Done!

Juggernaut (6) = Done!
Destroyer (8) = Done!
Destroyer (8) = On the Painting Table.
Kodiak (7) = Done!
Berserker (5) = Done!
Devastator (8) = Done!
Spriggan (9) = Done!
Behemoth (12) = Currently undergoing reconstruction and repainting.

Min Man Of War Demolition Corp (5) = Done!
Min Man Of War Shocktroopers (5) = On the Painting Table.
Greylord Ternion (4) = Done!
Max Mechaniks (3) = Done!


Well, as you can see, I like painting Jacks and thats why most of them are all sorted. I redid the Behemoth, (... he suffered an unfortunate accident *glowers at emma*) and he is currently still in bits awaiting paint stripping.

Shockys need to be done anyway, for pButcher lists and the like, and then ive just got to finish off the 75% completed second Destroyer, this one in Camo style!

Achievement List: 75pt Theme List

For the final Theme/Tier list that I am going to put together, its going to be the big man in red - Karchev!

75pts is a lot to play around with, so with the tier restrictions its going to be a little bit tricky. Luckily, 'jacks are big and cost lots of points, so ill start there!

Karchev The Terrible = +5

Juggernaut (6)
Destroyer (8)
Destroyer (8)
Kodiak (7)
Berserker (5)
Devastator (8)
Spriggan (9)
Behemoth (12)

Min Man Of War Demolition Corp (5)
Min Man Of War Shocktroopers (5)
Greylord Ternion (4)
Max Mechaniks (3)

Total: 75

The main point of this list is to abuse the -1 pts for Jacks in Karchev's Tier list. Im doing this by packing it full of the very best Khador has to offer - every single type of Jack except the pitiful Marauder. This is only because I prefer other Jacks though, and really dislike the Marauders model. In fact, its one of the 'jacks im going to sell.

Anyway, thats beside the point. By taking 8 Warjacks, im saving 8 points worth of models! Thats basically another Kodiak. (Or, a free Kodiak, however you want to look at it) On top of this, my Men of War - which I had to take - get to move before the game begins, so at least ill have a Shield Wall distraction thats up front early. Ill also get to place one free 3" cloud effect somewhere. (I dont see this being very handy)

My basic strategy here will be to run everything and cram it down my opponents throat. The Demo Corp will be advancing directly behind the Shocktroopers, who will Shield Wall up the board. They are slow, but I dont care, they are a necessary 10 point distraction. Later on, I may try swapping them out for 6 MoW Bombardiers, to run up behind the "JACK WALL OF DOOM!" (c). This is basically going to consist of the majority of the melee Warjacks (Juggernaut, Kodiak, Spriggan, Berserker, Devastator) running every turn (going to be expensive on Focus!) .. if they can, while the two Destroyers and the Behemoth will be walk behind them, lobbing Arcing Fire Bombards over their heads - and hopefully taking out infantry and other nuisances.

Karchev will be positioned safely behind them, with Sidearms up - making the initial Jack Wall unknockdownable and somewhere between DEF11 and 12 each. The Greylords will advance behind them, and pop Blizzards to help them up to DEF13 and 14 vs ranged and melee - which isnt toooo bad. Karchev spends the rest of his focus after casting and upkeeping Sidearms doling it out to the ranged jacks for some boosting or the melee jacks for some running.

It will look kinda like this:

MJ = Melee Jack
RJ = Ranged Jack
GL = Greylords
K = Karchev





And the MoW will be doing something... on a flank i suppose :D

As soon as the melee starts - Karchev pops his feat and casts unearthly rage as each Melee Jack charges and annihilates any enemy within range. I wouldnt do this unless I could basically cripple the entire enemy advance with this charge - probably taking out all their jacks / beasts in one fell swoop.

If people try to bait this list, Ive got sacrificial Jacks in the front row - charging out at some bait with the Zerker, with the other Jacks lying in wait, the Zerker with Unearthly Rage will *most likely* kill the bait, and wont mind dying to a countercharge, for the counter-countercharge of the rest of the boys!


Ill do my follow up painting post after this, to see how im going and how far away this achievement really is....

EDIT: Obviously, Mechaniks will be trying to repair stuff. I didnt think I needed to say that, did I?

Tuesday, March 16

Painting List - Part 2

The next group of models to become fully painted:


eVlad = +5 = Done!

Drago - (8) = Done!

5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10) = Still need to buy 2 of these guys!
5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10) = Still need to buy the whole unit!
10 Iron Fang Pikemen + UA - (10) = On the Painting Table.

Great Bears of Gallowswood - (5) = Done!
Kovnik Markov - (4) = Done!
Widowmakers - (4) = On the Painting Table.
Kossites - (4) = On the Painting Table

Not quite so bad, got some spending to do on 7 more Uhlans - so that may take quite a while since those dastardly horses are expensive, but most of the Painting work isnt too bad. Widowmakers are almost done already, Kossites will be easy, its just the full unit of IFP thats going to be annoying!

Achievement List: 50pt Theme List

For my fully painted 50pt Theme List, im going to put together and paint this eVlad list, which will complete one of my Achievements.

eVlad = +5

Drago - (8)

5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10)
5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10)
10 Iron Fang Pikemen + UA - (10)

Great Bears of Gallowswood - (5)
Kovnik Markov - (4)
Widowmakers - (4)
Kossites - (4)

Total: 50

Thanks to Hoyaforlife for his input!!

The main point of this list is to take advantage of all the tier benefits, including cheaper Uhlans (saving me 2 points) , advanced deployed Great Bears (wow), free upkeep spells - which would be Transference on eVlad, Assail on Drago, and Hand of Fate on *probably* a unit of Uhlans, since they can take advantage of it the earliest. An extra 2" of deployment will obviously help here to apply axe (or lance) to face.

A standard eVlad strategy, basically setting up the feat to do one of two things - annihilate the majority of their army, allowing you to win by attrition, or assassinate the enemy leader - which one or two Uhlans will do easily, especially under Hand of Fate and eVlad's feat!!

Painting List - Oh How Depressing

Ah the painting list. I need to get this fully painted, so time to figure out what I have to do:


Strahkov = +6 - Dont even own this model yet!

Juggernaut (7) - Done! (Camo Juggy)
Kodiak (8) - Done!

Assault Kommandos (Min) 5 - On the Painting Table.
>WA x 3 (3) - Dont even own this model yet!
Assault Kommandos (Min) 5 - On the Painting Table.
>WA x 3 (3) - Dont even own this model yet!

Widowmakers (4) - On the Painting Table.
Widowmaker Marksman (free - tier 3) - Done!
Widowmaker Marksman (2) - On the Painting Table.

Kossite Woodsmen (Min) 4 - On the Painting Table.

A lot of work to do.... /sigh. Luckily Ive started the Widowmakers already, so just gotta finish them off. Have to wait a while for the Assault Kommando Flamethrowers, but Strahkov will be here this month... I hope...

Monday, March 15

Achievement List: 35pt Theme List

For my Achievements on the side there ----------->

Im going to get a fully painted, themed 35pt list.

With Strahkov releasing, I want it to be him for the 35pt list.

And here we go:

If you'd like to see the discussion, the thread is here.

Strahkov = +6

Juggernaut (7)
Kodiak (8)

Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)
Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)

Widowmakers (4)
Widowmaker Marksman (free - tier 3)
Widowmaker Marksman (2)

Kossite Woodsmen (Min) 4

Total: 35

So the main idea here is not to worry about Sentry too much - and concentrate on Overrun and Occultation, along with Strahkovs overall combat expertise, with the option of throwing Sentry on either Strahkov or a Marksman.

Massive amounts of AKs, one of the units having Stealth, and shield walling up the board, trying to get in close.

For anti-heavy capability, the rock hard Juggernaut and Kodiak are there, and on the feat turn the Heavies have some great threat range.

This is primarily a defensive army, with Stealth, massive immunities to fire and corrosion, and the rest of the army has high defence. Kossites come in from the back, partly to get my tier3 bonus, and partly to take care of stuff like Choir + Weapon Crews.

Any suggestions?

To clarify - this army also has 4 major advantages:

Both Assault Kommando units, with the 6 Flamethrowers get Pathfinder and Advance Deploy
I can place 2 Trench templates within 20" of my table edge
I get my free extra Widowmaker Marksman
Models and units start with Strahkov's Upkeep spells already on them, and dont have to pay to upkeep them for the first turn! That means a free Occultation (probably on the Assault Kommandos, as well as putting them in a Trench first turn), a free Overrun (probably on Strahkov), Sentry for free (on a Marksman) and a free Superiority! (On the Kodiak definitely!)

Oh yeah! Cant wait :D

Thursday, March 11

Increased Field Allowances Through Tiers

As an interesting exercise, I was going through my models and decided to flick some of them off on TradeMe. Havent done it yet, but have to figure out what I want or dont want...

Extra Manhunters: pButcher, Strahkov,

Extra Koldun Lords: pVlad, Zerkova, Karchev,

Extra Assault Kommandos: Strahkov,

Extra Widowmaker Marksmen: Strahkov,

Extra Kayazy Assassins: eIrusk,

Extra WG UA: eIrusk,

Extra Doom Reavers: eButcher,

Extra Doom Reaver UA: eButcher, Zerkova,

Extra Greylord Ternions: Zerkova, Karchev,

Extra Iron Fang Uhlans: eVlad,


Extra Greylords, Uhlans, Doom Reavers, Kayazy Assassins and Assault Kommandos are a bit much - I dont need that many double ups, especially for only one theme list.

However - Widowmaker Marksmen, Manhunters and Koldun Lords are in high demand!! Due to Strahkov taking two, I only need an extra Widowmaker Marksman, but extra Manhunters and Koldun Lords looks like a great option!

Wednesday, March 10

35pt Battle - Khador vs Menoth

35pt Battle - Khador vs Menoth

A very good game against John a week or so ago, pFeora vs pButcher, with a Tiered army.

Was really fun, and was relatively close.


Butcher, 2 Maxed units of Shocktroopers, 2 Kovniks, a Devastator, Widowmakers and a Widowmaker Marksman with a couple of Manhunters.

Versus a mighty Menite army, 4 (!) Devouts, with a full unit of Temple Flameguard, and a mighty Castigator for a heavy. Plus the usual support behind them.

The Advance!

Widowmakers open fire, taking out some of the well protected Flameguard with sniper bullets.

The entire unit of Flameguard are destroyed by a combination of Widowmaker shots - and the impressive Devastator exploding a Rain of Death.

The Grand Melee

The Devastator takes some hits, and a Manhunter and most of the Widowmakers fall.

The Khadoran counter-attack hits hard, wrecking 3 of the 5 Menoth jacks. However, all the Khadoran Man of War's are stuck and are bogged down. Luckily, theres not much of a Menite army left at this point!

End Game

Feora charges in as basically the last bite from the Menites, and ends up wrecking the Devastator. It might be too little, too late though.

It was a little too late - and the Shocktroopers open fire with their short ranged, but incredibly powerful Shield Cannons. They make short work of Feora.


A fun game, pButchers tier list is amazing! Shocktroopers are quite reasonable at 8 points for 5, and are a solid, solid melee unit. The Devastator works well, especially with Butchers feat! Lots of dead things!

Tier Lists for Khador

Well, ive been chomping on the bit, and a bunch of people have had the book now - finally some real info is being posted!

Ill amalgamate it here:


non-char jacks, Drago, Mechaniks, Ternions, Iron Fangs, dog, Greylord solos

T1: zerkers -1PC, Koldun Lord FA+1 for each ternion
T2: must have 2 units IFP, all IFP get +2SPD first round.
T3: 3+ Koldun Lords, all greylords get first turn
T4: Only jacks are zerkers+Drago, all jacks get

Old Witch:

Tier 1
Mode's/ units in the army gain Stealth during the first round

Tier 2
Add Yuri the Axe to the army free of cost. req for tier 2 is two units of kossites

Tier 3
Friendly models/ units can begin the game affected by the Old Witch's upkeep spells. Old Witch doosn't have to pay focus to upkeep spells your first turn. req for tier 3 is two ternions

Tier 4
Models/units in the army gain Pathrinder during your first turn of the game. For each heavy warjack in the Old Witch's battlegroup, place one 4" AOE forest anywhere completely within 20" of the back edge of her deployment zone. req for tier 4 is two heavies

She can take:
Any non-character warjack
Battle Mechaniks, Greylord Ternions, Kossifte Woodsmen, Widowmakers
Manhunters, Widowmaker Marksmen, Yuri the Axe


Tier 1
Assault Kommandos go FA U and gain

Tier 2
Requires 2 Kommando units
For each kommando unit, place one trench template anywhere within 20" of your table edge.

Tier 3
Requires four or more units
Add one Manhunter or Widowmaker Marksman free of cost. It ignores FA restrictions O.o

Tier 4
He needs two 'jacks
Same as Old Witch tier 3


Jacks: non-characters, Behemoth
Units: Mechaniks, Widowmakers, Winter Guard units, Kayazy units
Solos: Marksmen, Kayazy solos, WG solos

Tier 1: Kayazy Assassins become FA: U, and Mortars/Field Guns get +1 FA for each WG Infantry or Rifle Corps unit
Tier 2: 2+ WG Infantry, get a free UA for them
Tier 3: 2+ Kayazy Assassin units, Kayazy units/models get Advance Move
Tier 4: Take the Behemoth, each warjack in Irusk's battlegroup get 1 free focus at the beginning of your first turn


can take Doom reavers, regular jacks, Manhunters, Wardog, Fenris, Yuri, and Doom Reaver solos.

Tier 1:
Doom reavers and Doom reaver attatchments have FA U (but still only one attatchment per unit)

Tier 2:
requires at least 3 DOom reaver units
Reduce cost of Doomies by 1

Tier 3:
Include Fenris (like you didn't anyway)
Gain +1 on the starting roll

Tier 4:
Two or more 'jacks on Butcher
Butcher's base focus at the start of the game and your first turn is 7. Don't roll Arcane Dementia.


can field non character 'jacks, Battle Mechaniks, Doomies, Greylords, Manhunters, Fenris, Doom reaver solos, Greylord solos

Tier 1
Greylord Ternion and Koldun Lord solos get FA U

Tier 2
Requires 2 doom reaver units
Add a unit attatchment for free, ignoring FA restrictions

Tier 3
Requires two or more Koldon Lords
Koldun Lord solos and their marshalld 'jacks gain

Tier 4
Zerkova has three 'jacks in HER battlegroup
Models gain +2 SPD during the first turn

Big Karchev:

Jacks, Mechanics, Greylords (lot of em), MoW, and associated solos

T1: Ternions are FA:U and Koldun Lords are FA +1 per ternion!
T2: 2+ MoW units, MoW gain Advance Move
T3: 1+ ternion units, for each ternion, place a 3" cloud effect in play before first turn
T4: 3+ jacks, each jacks costs 1 less


Uses Beast, Mechaniks, Widowmakers, Wintergarde, Marksman, and WG solos.

Tier 1
A warjack gains Advance move for each Mechanik unit

Tier 2
Requires three or more Winter Guard units
Add Kovnik Jozef Griforovich for FREE

Tier 3
You use Beast 09 (so free, amirite?)
you get +1 on
the kick off roll

Tier 4
Your army includes 3 warjacks
Your deployment zone goes an extra 2"


Uses Beeast, Mechaniks, Widows, MoW, Wintergarde, Manhunters, Marksman, MoW solos, WG solos.

Tier 1
Reduce Kodiaks by 1 point

Tier 2
Needs two or more WG Infantry units
Old Witch's trees grow for every two units.

Tier 3
Includes two or more MoW
MoW gain advance move

Tier 4
Include 2 Kodiaks
The whole army gains for turn 1


Takes Drago, Kossites, Widows, IF units, Wardog, and IF solos.

Tier 1
IF Uhlans become FA 2, and reduce the cost of each unit by 1

Tier 2
Requires the Great Bears
Great Bears gain

Tier 3
Vlad uses ONLY Drago
Old Witch's tier 3

Ther 4
Include Markov and one or more IF units
pSorscha's tier 4


Uses Behemoth, AKs, Mechaniks, IF, MoW, Wardog, IF solos, MoW solos

Tier 1
Reduce the points cost of Devastator and Spriggan by 1

Tier 2
Include 2 IFP
+1 to the start-of-game roll

Tier 3
2 MoW units
MoW get Advance Move

Tier 4
You use two or more 'jacks
eVlad's tier 4

Thats all of em!!

Except pButch of course, but thats readily available :)

Wednesday, March 3

Strahkov!! Stats + Everything

This is from the info of Jack Frost from PP Forums, so is 99% legit!


spd: 6
str: 8
mat: 7
rat: 6
def: 15
arm: 16
foc: 6

Cinder Bomb [1x] (None) RNG: 6 ROF: 1 AOE: 3 POW: 14
Damage Type: Fire
Cumbersome - If this model attacks with this weapon during its activation, it cannot attack with another ranged weapon that
activation. If this model attacked with another ranged weapon this activation, it cannot attack with this weapon.
Smoke - This weaponʼs AOE is a cloud effect that remains in play for one round.

Riot Gun [1x] (None) RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 12
Rapid Fire [d3] - When you decide to make initial attacks with this weapon at the beginning of this modelʼs combat action, roll a
d3. The total rolled is the number of initial attacks this model can make with this weapon during the combat action, ignoring ROF.

Trench Sword [1x] (None) POW: 6 P+S: 13
Magical Weapon
Brutal Charge - This model gains +2 to charge attack damage rolls with this weapon.

alchemical mask
immunity to fire and corrosion
elite cadre assault kommandos (pathfinder)


friendly faction models that charge or slam while in strakhovs control area get +4 mov...jacks in his battlegroup can charge and slam without spending focus


battering ram
cost: 2
rng: 6
pow: 12

enemy model hit pushed 3 directly away from spells point of origin

rng: 6

target model/unit gains stealth

cost: 2
rng: 6

battlegroup model makes a kill another model in battlegroup makes full advance..expire.

cost: 3
rng: 8

AOE is rough terrain and remains in play for one round

like counter charge, but no range necessary and may shoot at enemy model.

rng: 6

target friendly warjack gains +2 SPD, MAT, DEF and cant be knocked down


Initial thoughts:

Giving a whole unit stealth?? AWESOME! mmm IFP shieldwall with stealth... Sentry on a Destroyer? His feat looks amazing. +4" threat range on the charge!! Thats nutty.

EDIT: Added in his weapon stats from BOLS.