Friday, October 30

Winterguard Discussion Thread

Here is an interesting thread started by a fellow kiwi gamer (one of the bloggers for KiwiThralls) regarding Sorcha Winterguard lists. As you may be able to tell with some of my previous posts, I enjoy whooping butt with the good old infantry, and have had a few successful lists that I enjoy.

This is mostly concerning the possibility of a powerful tiered Sorcha list, and constructing lists and discussions about them online. My own suggestion for a 15PC eSorcha list is as follows:

> Juggernaut

Full Winterguard w/ UA
Kovnik Joe
Field Gun x 2

Very basic army composition, downgrading Beast to a normal Juggernaut (mostly just to use up the jack points, could almost bring a Kodiak instead... or perhaps a Marauder). By doing this im able to bring the Full Winterguard plus bonuses, except the WAs, but in this small game i wouldnt think that was necessary.

The two field guns can run the first turn, pushing them 18" into the centre of the board, and with their 16" range they will be able to plug away all game long - with the option of boosting to hit with Joe for the crit KD (which the Juggy/Winterguard could abuse).

Hard targets like enemy Jacks can be taken care of with the Juggy, or massive CRAs, and soft targets will die in droves to boosted to hit Blunderbusses. You have a hard to hit, hard to kill massive unit with the WG, plus the legendary resilience of the Juggernaut.

In regards to picking the Juggy, i think the benefit of taking the full unit of WG outweigh the benefit of upgrading to Beast. It would be possible to drop the field guns for Beast, but then this army may not be able to compete with other long range armies ie Cygnar Haley etc etc. Juggy cant output as much damage, but is STILL hard to kill, and has a POW19 axe.

My basic plan would be - advance the WG bobbing and weaving with tough + desperate pace + IF, giving you a practically unkillable unit. (even AOE spam would give you a good chance of surviving with most of them) the field guns would run into the middle of the board, using their extra trooper to help the WG and popping away at most things (as they are large based, they could draw LOS much easier to enemy heavies) The Juggy would be heavy support, keeping up with the WG and trying to look for a good oppurtunity to lay that axe into something.

eSorcha doing what she does best - hiding behind the WG doling out buffs and focus. And then maybe having to charge on in and help out with the real foot-slogging poor bloody infantry work, and actually kill something! with her MAT6 or w/e.

Bad Matchups -

Karchev full heavy jack army. This would be a good anti-WG army, POW12 blunderbusses doing very little to ARM20+, field guns not KD Karchev with Sidearms up, stupid threat ranges and unearthly rage tramples. eewww. any suggestions? One juggy would not be able to take out multiple Zerkers or Behemoth + Beast 09.

(this is from that thread as well, if you didnt notice).

I think i will enjoy these types of discussions, however it is difficult to tell what other possible tier lists will exist for Khador - Sorcha being one of the few that have a true 'theme' to her that will be guaranteed to make it to a tiered list.

Thursday, October 22


Damn you PP!!

I hope you are going to pay for a new pair of jeans.

Also, as a side note, an AWESOME conversion i saw, its Kung Fu Watcher!!

Wednesday, October 14

Another Cryx MK2 army idea...

Terminus's Legion of Unstoppable Undead

Lich Lord Terminus = -4
> Nightmare
> Skarlock

Mechanithralls (full unit) + Necrosurgeon
Revanant Crew of the Atramentous (full unit)
Blackbanes Ghost Raiders (full unit)
Captain Rengrave

This is a Legion army - lots of undead infantry, with a single scary warjack quite capable of ripping apart a WC or WJ enemy. The Skarlock to help with spellcasting, and a huuuuge amount of nigh-unstoppable undead.

With 3 full units, you are sporting 30 infantry. While they are within 10" of Terminus, if they die on a roll of 5+ they are not dead. This is huge. With Rengrave, they get bonuses to attack. The ghost raiders can run first 2 turns and be inside the enemies deployment zone! being incorporeal, they are almost impossible to get rid of too.

The mechanithralls are your anti- hard target troops. They are flimsy, but hit reallly, really hard. The Necrosurgeon can heal Terminus, but also can create more Mechanithralls.

MK2 list thoughts.

Looking around at the models available, Im thinking of new and exciting ways to bring death and destruction to my enemies.

Cryx in particular. A lot of units seem to have changed their focus, and some previous bad choices are quite good now. (Bane Thralls anyone?)

Heres a sample list im thinking of:

Gaspy's Army of Doom

Iron Lich Asphyxious = -6
> Cankerworm = 5
> Deathjack = 12
> Nightwretch = 4
> Skarlock = 2

General Gerlak Slaughterborn = 3
Bane Thralls (full unit) = 8
Bane Lord Tartarus = 4
Necrotech + 1 Scrap Thrall = 1
3 Scrap Thralls (x2) = 2

Deathjack is your Major threat. He marches up the board, looking angrily at anything coming his way. Hes followed by the full unit of Bane Thralls, who are all stealthed (hard to hit with ranged/magic) The Bane Thralls are supported by Tartarus and Gerlak, who can charge through/around the Bane Thralls to get to bad guys.

The Cankerworm flanks. This is highly important. 2 things will happen - the enemy sends far more points than the Cankerworm is worth to go kill it, or he doesnt and the Cankerworm assassinates their caster/something really important.

The Scrappys flank the other direction. Scrappys explode when they die and when they attack so are like suicide bombers. Great against troops.

The Necrotech, Nightwretch, Skarlock and Gaspy form the squishy center of your formation. The most important models, and the support models. Use the Skarlock and Nightwretch forward to keep Gaspy safe, and fling spells at enemys or buff up your troops when needed.

The Cankerworm should flank on the flank of the enemies with their biggest warjack/warbeast. the Scrappys should flank on the flank of the enemies with their troops, or power-solos. You can mix and match, chuck 2 scrappys with canker and the remaining 5 on the other flank.