Wednesday, June 27

A Digression into Dystopia

Suffering from "Warmachine Fatigue", after many, many battles recently (including a 7 round tourney and a 4 round release event) Ive decided to branch out into a game just being picked up around here, Dystopian Wars.

Set in a steam-punk style universe, its on a grander scale to what im used to - namely 1200:1.

So far it seems like a great break from the intense tactical scrutiny of Warmachine, and feels a little like Epic (the old Warhammer 40K game, for those young'uns.)

Im enjoying rolling large numbers of dice again, and because of that this game is much more luck-based, and to me at least, it takes a lot of the stress out of it. Games are won and lost on "Exploding 6's", the phonemenon where rolling a 6 doubles your hits, and allows you to roll again, potentially getting another 6, ad infinitum. When you roll 12+ dice, you can get some really good rolls going, and even a lowly fighter plane can sink a mighty battleship with enough 6's.

Based loosely on the world stage pre-WW1, Ive gone for the Empire of the Blazing Sun, which is, obviously the Japanese faction. With unique ships (that look like trains) and amazing flying machines (gigantic helicopter/SHIELD flying fortress) and a super cool unique submarine shaped like a colossal squid, the look appealed to me.

At the moment, the other DW player and I (only the two of us to begin with it seems) are considering a campaign, in order to give some storyline impetus to the conflict. I will update our progress as we go, along with some pictures of the crazy battles that go on!