Thursday, November 20

2 Wins against Menoth Last Night

Well, had 2 quick games against John last night. 500 points first, which took about 2 hours, then a 350 point battle which took 30 mins.

It was good fun, ended up taking Vladimir for 500 and Karchev for 350, Vlad took along the Behemoth and Drago, a unit of Widowmakers, Greylords and 2 Mortars to round out the list.

The first couple of turns being uneventful, John cleverly positioned his army away from my Mortars, making them end up doing practically no damage to anything except for a few points of damage on Kreoss in endgame.

Behemoth used his running + Bombard fire to great effect, with a couple of really nice deviations he took out 7 or 8 Temple Flameguard in his second turn. Signs and Portents on Bombards is damn impressive. Mortars trundled forwards, I ended up losing 3/4 of the crew to Kreoss at the end of the game, obviously in retaliation to the 3 or 4 damage they did with blast damage to him.

Drago using his affinity, some focus and a lethal number of attacks ripped apart an entire Reckoner and half a Devout in one turn. After getting knocked down with Kreoss's feat, he took a bunch of damage but stayed up. He then ripped the Devout a new one on his next turn. Kreoss stepped in and smacked him to pieces however.

The Greylords did an excellent job, Ice Caging the second Devout 3 turns in a row. No damage, but that was worth it as they practically took it out of the game.

Widowmakers did well, they pinged the first Devout for a few damage, and did 6 or so damage to Kreoss as well, until an Angry Kreoss charged in and ripped them to bits.

Behemoth and Vlad were the men of the hour however, the Behemoth doing incredible damage to the Menoth army. First, killing 8 or so TFG with the bombards, he then Bombarded the Vassal, which deviated into the Choir killing 4/6 of them. The second Bombard landed on the warpriest, wiping him out. He then charged the stationary Devout in the back arc, and although he missed his initial attack, he crushed it into pieces with his AP fists. After popping his feat, Vlad got him to run 16" right next to Kreoss and point blank Bombarded him, doing a few points of damage. Kreoss backed away into a forest, and the Behemoth was not able to hurt him for the rest of the game.

Vlad however, taking advantage of the lack of Lamentation being cast, S+P and Blood of Kings'ed himself and ran over to Kreoss. Mat 10 + Pow 16 with S+P and charge damage stabbed him right in the head to finish the game.

All the Menites were dead, leaving me with half a Mortar, my Greylords, Vlad and the undamaged Behemoth.

Was a great game!

The second game was a bit more just for fun, I abused the limit by hitting 352 with Karchev and 3 Berzerkers, but it was a great oppurtunity. Fighting against 2 Devouts and the Reckoner, I hit close combat first with a casting of Iron Curtain, Tow, my Feat, Arcantrik Turbine and a hit from Sunder. With this great combo, the Zerkers knocked down all 3 'jacks and smacked the hell out of them. However, I was not able to inflict critical damage and recieved Kreoss's feat for all MY warjacks knocked down this time. I took some heavy hits, losing an arm or two on my warjacks, but they came through ok for my next turn, where I cast Unearthly Rage and chucked 2 Focus on a Zerker.

UR + focus + Berzerkers is so good. Ended up with +5 to hit, +5 to damage by then end, and one very crushed Devout. This finished off both Devouts and did heavy damage to the Reckoner. The next turn, Kreoss cleverly cast Lamentation, meaning no more Unearthly Rage for me :(.

In a crazy move, the Choir charged a Berzerker and along with Kreoss killed it!! However, lacking any other stopping power, and with Karchev and about 1.25 functional Berzerkers left it was all over. A Berzerker loaded up on Focus trampled on the whole Choir and Kreoss, and in an impressive display of cumulative attacks ended up with a huggge Axe hit which decapitated Kreoss.

Good times!! Although I think the Karchev + 3 Zerker list, while over the points limit, is actually not the most effective. Probably Karchev, 2 Zerkers, and a bit of support would be better. Maybe a Greylord Ternion, or a Mortar would be a better use of the points.

To the Army Builder Lab!!!

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