Sunday, December 7

Conclusion to MDC Games:

1000 point games are too big. Hopefully I have learnt this lesson now :)

Was not an incredibly satisfying game, felt rather rushed, and made a few mistakes, ended up being no caster kills at all, with 12 VP's of kills to me and 7 VP's of kills to John.

My biggest mistake: Thinking Drago could Run Riot, move + attack for free. Turns out he can only move for free. /facepalm.

Apart from that, eVlad is not the ninja pVlad is. He just cant slaughterise a dozen people a round like he used to be able to. Oh well, new strategies must be formed! I also found it hard to keep Manhunters alive long enough to feat them, have to be careful where I place them. Other things to note - Deliverers are a pain in the ass. Deviating all over my Widowmakers grrrr.

One other thing -> pSorcha isnt that impressive in combat. However, I dont think she ended up efficiently using her abilities.

So, 750 games max from now on, until after Masters. I have to practise my 750 eVlad list, so I have a chance of winning some tourny games!

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