Thursday, December 31

35pt Theme Army: Old Witch vs Kaya the Wildborne

Just had a New Years game with my wife - using my 35pt Theme lists against a list I prepared for her using the MK2 rules.

I used this Old Witch Army while Emma used this Kaya army:

>Feral Warpwolf
>Feral Warpwolf
Wolves of Orboros (full unit)

Winning the roll I set up first - IFP in the trench, Widows out front, and the Behemoth on the flank.

Emmas Deployment - a swarm of beasts in front of Kaya and the Wolves off to the flank.

Turn 1:

Pretty standard advance - Shield Wall + Murder of Crows, everyone else just walks forward.

Emmas advance - Im worried about the Woldwyrd with Hunter at this point :S

Turn 2:

My Widowmakers take hits, while everyone else just advances forward - Bombards blazing.

My Kossites have messed with Emmas plans - doing some damage to Kaya and being a pain in the butt.

Turn 3:

I advance the IFP up further, staying out of charge range, while firing the Bombards to cover the advance. I make a mistake with Scrappy, and waste 3 Focus :(

Emma finishes off the Kossites - the leader who made a shot at 9 to hit, 7 to kill the Gorax. Her Wolves square off vs the IFP.

Turn 4:

I protect the IFP with a Murder of Crows, while the Behemoth takes fire from the Woldwyrd. I forget to deploy my max unit of Kossites. Emma advances the Wolves to protect her other models.

Turn 5: Final Turn

The IFP charge, killing a few of the Wolves, and Defensive Formation back to safety. Behemoth misses with the majority of his Bombards. Scrapjack charges and Unseen Paths back to safety. I forget about Old Witchs safety. She pops her feat, and I assume im safe. Emma advances an Argus, and successfully Paralyses Old Witch. The Woldwyrd shoots her, doing some damage. Kaya Spirit Doors in and slams Old Witch in the face, killing her.


Well, not a great start for my 35 point lists, a loss with OW against the forces of the Circle of Orboros. Still, the Old Witch was a caster I have been doubting about her effectiveness. While playing I realised what it is that is unimpressive about her. She has no real talents for helping out a Khador army. She does give some extra flexibility to ranged Warjacks by shooting through Forests and Clouds, but thats about it. Everything else, is either not very relevant for Khadoran troops (like Pathfinder and Camo, this just isnt as good as, say Battle Lust) or something others have as well - Iron Flesh. Her feat wasnt very effective, I rolled multiple POW14s on Emmas beasts and they werent signifacant. Especially since she had the option of walking out of OW's control range and it doing nothing.

Also - I forgot to bring in my next unit of Kossites at the appropriate time. They may have made a difference... I think I might have to swap some things out - the full unit of Kossites is unwieldy and annoying to use. I think its actually too big. If I reduce it to another minimum unit of Kossites I would hopefully be able to get a few extra points for some other options. I think I will need to swap some stuff around.

35pt Old Witch Army Mk2:

Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador
Iron Fang Pikemen (Leader and 5 Grunts)
>Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard
Kossite Woodsmen (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Kossite Woodsmen (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Harlan Versh

Hopefully with this configuration, dropping to the min unit of IFP and Kossites, losing the Wardog, and adding in two Manhunters and Versh for some anti-magic. This will probably suit Old Witchs style of Guerilla warfare. The large units just did not work for her.

Special Guest Conclusion!!

So I thought during this game that I was definitely going to get my arse kicked by Toshi especially when he said it was going to be over in his next move at move 4. Thankfully my argus was just in range for an assassination run with Kaya as the old witch had been moved too far forward. So after doppler barking to reduce the old witch's defense to 7 I spirit doored in Kaya, hit the old witch and popped Kaya's feat, had hitting the old witch not sufficiently reduced her health I intended on spirit dooring in one of the warpwolves to finish the job. To conclude I totally kicked Toshi's butt in our first game of the year! :D

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