Friday, July 9

A Sad State Of Affairs

Hey guys, been a while since I posted due to being extremely busy... Im moving, and so have been doing a lot of work on packing up the house, and sorting out stuff to leave behind / sell / give to the salvation army.

While doing all this hard work, ive been convinced I do not need as many *toys* as I have, regardless of my protests that they are "Action Figures", and thus do not constitute toys.

Since my wife is better at arguing than I am, ive relented and decided to put some of my millions of Khador and random assorted models up for sale. This includes some Cygnar, Skorne and Retribution stuff I had collected, but never really used...

Anyway, for any NZers interested in some stuff, its all in varying conditions, some straight out of the box, some constructed, based and undercoated but never got round to painting, and some painted (to a high quality, of course).

Heres a link to go have a peruse, and perhaps bid on stuff! =D *CLICK ME*

Sunday, April 25

Baldur vs pButcher

A quick practice game vs Emmas Baldur Construct army, this time I took pButch, Devastator + Kodiak, and a unit of Widowmakers. Emma took Baldur, a Woldwarden, two Woldwatchers and Lord of the Feast.


Baldur + his constructs. (The Argii are proxies for Woldwatchers, btw.)

Butcher and his Jacks. Widowmakers are deployed in the tank traps.


Butcher and his Warjacks run into position - Emma defends behind forests. And Solid Ground. Which makes the Devastator almost useless.

Emma pops Baldurs feat, and takes pot-shots at the Jacks, most attacks bouncing off their armour. Jacks sloooowly move into position.


Butcher gets into melee range - by running, and camps his focus for the inevitable onslaught.

Dead Baldur:

A valiant attempt - the combined attacks of Lord of the Feast, the Woldwarden, Baldur and 2 Woldwatchers bring Butcher down to 1 health box. (Iron Flesh + Camping Focus ftw) And then it is Butchers turn. Ka-Splat!

Final Thoughts:

This was a Butcher rush list - and it just about failed horribly for me! I figured Emma wouldnt commit fully to the attack to try to kill super-Butcher, but she did, and it nearly paid off (1 more damage!) However, it just made Butcher mad, and he clove Baldur in two on his next turn. Mmmm chopped up Baldur.

The Work Desk

Ahh... so much work, so little time.

My Cryx bases... I have to paint them all before I can put them on the bases, and then I have to undercoat the models. This takes a looong time, and is part of the reason why most of my models are still at the undercoat stage :D

Strahkov vs eButcher

I had a game against Toby last thursday, to try out my Strahkov 15pt list which I think is now pretty optimal. Basically Strahkov + Beast 09 + Destroyer + War Dog.

Toby was practicing his eButch, with a unit of Doom Reavers + UA, Great Bears, War Dog and a Juggy.


Didnt want to get too close to them Doomies. Superiority on Beast 09, Sentry on the Destroyer.


4 Doom Reavers + the Escort down...

2 More Doomies and a Great Bear down...

Fail at killing anything, but I think I did a column of damage on the Juggy... who looks angry and wants to charge!


Great Bears run to engage Beast 09, who Threshers and kills one, freezing and KD the other. The Juggy charges and attacks Strahkov - needing an 11 to hit. Rolls 3D6 and gets 10! Phew.

Beast 09 charges eButch, and *just about* kills him, but hes rather tough - especially on ARM22. I start to look worried at this point... Strahkov, Destroyer and Wardog kill the Juggy.


eButcher goes down - but not before he just about kills both Beast and the Destroyer!! He obliterated them. With one round of attacks, he did 25+ damage to each Warjack. Thats just crazy.

Final Thoughts:

A good game - one where Toby obliged me by walking into the double shots of the Destroyers Bombards. Managing to kill all the Doom Reavers and Great Bears before they could attack helped a lot, and in the end getting the charge off with Beast 09 was still not enough to kill eButcher - that man is one tough S.O.B.

Wednesday, April 21

Game 3 - Cryx vs Menoth

After the quick kill in the previous game, we decided to have one more to finish off the day.

John changed his army a bit, using eSeverious this time. I decided to try eGoreshade, with a bunch of Bane Thralls.


Theres a pretty decent view of the deployment - max Bane Thralls on the left flank, with Bile Thralls and Blackbanes on the right flank. 2 Light Jacks on the Menoth side, the one with the long range rocket launcher, and the Blessing of Vengeance.

Battle Starts:

Lots of vicious fighting going on here - most of the Bane Thralls die to the rocket launcher jack, and in retaliation they charge the Avatar and mangle it badly, as well as trying to take out the Blessing of Vengeance. On the other flank Blackbanes are increasing their numbers by killing infantry.

The Helldivers try to get Sevvy, but it doesnt work very well. Tartarus and the Bane Thralls are wiped out, but so is the Avatar. Theres a looot of enemy models still...

We reach a stand-off - Goreshade doesnt want to get too close to Sevvy, who might easily squash him, but Sevvy cant leave the protection of the tank traps, which are saving him from being eating by the Helldivers.

The Cryx army starts to take out the remaining Menites, but Sevvy still has his feat - capable of killing up to 6 undead models instantly. (well, my weak ones anyway.) The massive amount of Blackbanes make my army huge - as they glut the bodies of the enemy troops.

My last Bile Thrall sacrifices himself - and killing the majority of the remaining troops. Severius kills most of the Blackbanes, who manage to replicate themselves a little more. Severius then charges a Helldiver, killing it with Wrath of God.


Unfortunately for Severius, this leaves him open to a charge from Goreshade - who seals the deal with a few swipes of a God's own sword.


eGoreshade is an alright caster. He has some good support spells, but his feat is tricky to use. Blackbanes did reaaally well, and doubled and tripled their unit during this fight, and were great. Bane Thralls got annihilated, as did Tartarus. They still just about killed the Avatar though.

A good game, which I almost lost. Severious made himself vulnerable for a charge, but if he hadnt if would have been rather difficult to get to him. I think ill have to change my rules for the Tanktraps...

Game 2 - Cryx vs Menoth

We started the next one straight away - I changed my Warcaster to Mortenbra and John stuck with basically the same army.


Menoth deployment - he has some Cleansers on the left flank, and the rest of his army is on the right flank.

My army has a min unit of Bloodgorgers, Blackbanes and some Bane Thralls over to the right flank. Mortenbra is going to advance, and try and take out Kreoss with some Jack action.


Our advance - Blackbanes run through the tank traps - greedily looking at the Cleansers. They cant hit the Ghosts, and the Ghosts will double their unit size if they hit them.


John foils my plans by protecting is main army - and I rush forward, massacring the Cleansers. However, my units are looking vulnerable to a counterattack. The Knights advance through the forest due to Pathfinder, but I dont want to risk my Bane Thralls by advancing and attacking.


So - turns out the game didnt advance very quickly after this point - John moved eKreoss out from behind his covering troops, and the Helldivers had their attack vectors. Mortenbra moved up, cast Terminal Velocity, and thats all she wrote.


A good game, John was doing a great job of manouevering, but made a mistake by moving eKreoss into a vulnerable position, and the Helldivers did their work.

Helldivers = awesome. Other things that performed well were the Bloodgorgers with Gerlak, with some lucky Tough rolls they survived for quite a long time considering the attacks unleashed on them by Johns army.

Game 1 - Cryx vs Menoth

The first game between John and I, the dreaded eKreoss exemplar army vs a mixed army with eDenny.

Since we had three games this day, im going to be a little quicker with the posting - as im really rather lazy and prefer to let the pictures do the talking!


The main Cryx elements. 2 Helldivers and 2 Stalkers, supported by Blackbanes, a unit of Bane Knights, Tartarsauce and Gerlak.

The Cryx flankers - these guys did amazingly well this game. Cephalyx Overlords, and a unit of Bile Thralls.

Menite Jacks - the Avatar, (first time I played against it, I was rather worried) a Crusader and a Castigator.

Two (2!) units of Knights Exemplar + Gravus, who buffed them quite a bit. Ouch!


My army advances, the Incorporeal and Ghostly elements rushing up the flank. The units on the right flank ran into the forest. John moves the bulk of his army up, with some extreme defence.


Combat starts! I use almost everything at my disposal and kill the Avatar. He had done his Gaze of Menoth, and screwed my armies mobility, and then had to die. It took all the Bane Knights, Tartarus, Pistol Wraith and Deneghra to kill it. Deneghra moves up and pops her feat - immobilizing the entire Menoth army! On the flank, the Cephalyx Overlords spray - ignoring LOS - and kill 5/6 of a unit of Knights. The Bile Thralls do a purge, killing most of the other unit. Gravus is still going strong though.

The Menite army is almost neutered by not being able to move, and I basically get an extra turn to deliver the pain. Which I do, almost wrecking both remaining Jacks and slaughtering the remaining Knights, bar one or two. Big mistake here - I forgot to activate any of my Bonejacks! Dammit!

Where did everyone go?

Lol - the Castigator erupts in a cacophony of flame, and kills just about everything - including most of his own troops. It wipes out a Helldiver, (which should have been burrowed /facepalm) and im left with the bare bones. Unfortunately for Kreoss, so is he - only a mangled Crusader and himself left.


Rather than face an honorable end at the hands of the evil Cryx - Kreoss hightails it outta there, and runs off the board. Living to fight another day.


eDenny is amazing - or, should I say, her feat is amazing. Its kinda like a better version of pSorcha's feat, since you cant shake it off or anything, combined with a DEF debuff. Against primarily melee armies (I wouldnt like to play Khador vs her) its brutal. She did need an arcnode though.

Helldivers are awesome as usual, and the Cephalyx Overlords really excelled - advancing into a forest with Pathfinder then shooting 8" Sprays which ignored just about every defensive buff imaginable! Bane Knights are good, but I think I prefer Bane Thralls after playing with both.

Wednesday, April 14

eDenny 40pt Army

To play against John today, I will be taking eDenny. Havent used her before, but have heard shes quite good. So we will see how she does with no arcnodes! Hehe.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
>Skarlock Thrall

Bane Thralls (
Bile Thralls (Min)
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders (Min)
Cephalyx Overlords

Bane Lord Tartarus
General Gerlak Slaughterborn
Pistol Wraith

Looks like fun, taking all the Bonejacks ive come to love, as well as some decent units and the super-solos of cryx. Report to come later..

Monday, April 12

35pt Game - Heroes for Sale Toby vs Toshi - Battle 2

The next game we had with the same armies, basically straight afterwards. Ill get right into the nitty gritty bits:


Similar to before, the table didnt really have much room to deploy differently. This time I was intending on having all the cavalry flank right, while the main force advance straight ahead to distract the enemy. Toby set up in a blob opposite the Demo Corp.

Combat Begins:

The five strong squad of Cavalry boost around the right flank, in an attempt to get behind the Jacks. The Destroyer moves in to intercept, his Executioner axe will reap a heavy toll! The Demo Corp are spreading out in an attempt to avoid getting killed towards the rest of his army.

A brutal fight erupts center field, and I lose 2 Demo Troopers and 2 Uhlans - as well as some of the solos. However, on my turn, eVlad pops his feat as I spot an opening - a 14" charge from the last Uhlan! Under Hand of Fate, Transference and eVlad's feat, he kills pVlad (who didnt have BoK on him - he thought he was safe - HAH!) with his two attacks. (P+S19 on the charge!)

End Game:

The successful Uhlan - a fantastic charge. If I hadnt got this charge - and it was pretty close too - it would have been a hard slog to take out Tobys army. I had hardly damaged anything, and lost half my heavy hitters as well. A good game, ended with a nice assassination :D

Final Thoughts:

As I thought, eVlad's feat ended the game again. It is just so versatile, and makes any trooper worth about 5x as much. Even Mechaniks would be brutal with this feat! This army would probably work better at larger points limits, as it was getting a bit ridiculous when you start to lose your feat targets.

Good game though, eVlad is still just so awesome. Even the craziness of pVlad cant stand up to his awesomeness.

35pt Game - Heroes for Sale Toby vs Toshi

This game was played a while back, I just never got around to writing out the reports for them! (Theres two games, but ill do them in seperate posts).

This was my awesome eVlad list, which basically had max Demo Corp, min Uhlans, Markov + Drakhun + solos sprinkled in.

I was playing against Tobys pVlad list, with 3 heavies! A Decimator, a Juggernaut and a Destroyer. Plus the Great Bears and the Whor..... Eiryss.

Basically, I was trying to pop my feat, combined with Transference, to put an early end to that imposter Vlad on the other side of the field - while not losing any of my important models.


We had a short table, which meant this game was going to be brutal and quick. A line of Demos, Uhlans and other various solos were on my side, vs a wall of Jacks.


Here I was setting up for the kill - trying to decide to use my feat for the assassination, or to annihilate his army.

Combat Begins:

I didnt need the feat - and the Demos charged and demolished the enemy Jack. I think it was the Juggy. Bombards from the Destroyer take out an Uhlan, but their speed will ensure they see combat.

The enemy Vlad decides to rock on up into the melee - and fails to do anything other than kill a Demo Trooper. The Decimator and Destroyer likewise do not do any serious damage.

End Game:

The Feat Turn - and 4 Men of War Demo Corp are hitting at MAT 9 and P+S17, with 2 attacks each. Oh yes, Vlad is toast.

Final Thoughts:

eVlad is just as evil as ever. His feat is awesomely good, and makes almost any Khadoran into a force to be reckoned with. Almost every trooper in this army could have gotten the caster kill - and if I remember correctly, the first Demo Corp by himself killed Blood of Kings pVlad.

15pt Battle - Circle vs Khador

A quick game Emma and I had today - 15pts of Circle vs Khador action!

After getting such a nicely painted Strahkov *cough, cough* I still hadnt tried him out! I was a little wary about using him, as it was my first try, and I wanted him to do well, but I figured he probably played like a more aggressive form of Irusk, and it worked out well.

I brought Strahkov, with a loyal retinue of Beast 09 and a Destroyer, and his War Puppy to keep him company.

Emma brought Baldur, a Woldwarden and 2 Woldwatchers - which she hadnt used before - and Lord of the Feast.


Strahkov and the boys.

Baldur and his beasts.

Combat Begins:

Circle advances up, taking cover in the forests. Strahkov casts Superiority on Beast and Sentry on the Destroyer - before throwing a cloud bomb to try and block some Line of Sight.

Strahkov feats, and Beast 09 charges 13"! Right into Lord of the Feast and the two Woldwatchers. He freezes one, damages the other and kills LotF. With Stoneform, even Beast 09 couldnt kill the Woldwatchers! The Destroyer takes potshots at the Woldwarden, who takes potshots with Earthspikes back at him.

Another turn of attacks, and the Woldwatchers stand strong! They even half kill Beast 09 with their attacks. The Woldwarden fires off its Earthspikes, but does no damage. The Destroyer blows another chunk in it, doing some more damage. Strahkov is firing like mad, but rolls bad for his D3 shots twice in a row - 1 shot, then 2 shots.

Baldur forestwalks into combat with Beast 09 - but with a shocking set of rolls fails to cripple any part of him! In desperation, the one remaining Woldwatcher and the Woldwarden try to damage Beast, hurting him slightly, and then he turns around - with Superiority, Murderous, and 3 Focus its all downhill for Baldur.

Combat Ends:

Not only was he frozen in place, Beast 09 does a massive 16 damage in one hit from the Ice Axe. Baldur luckily has 17 health, but the extra focus means an Icy death for old Baldur.

Final Thoughts:

Strahkov is a very cool caster - Superiority still is the best Warjack buff in the game, and that combined with the best Warjack in the game is a killer combination. Baldur could have killed Beast with the Forestwalk combo, but fluffed the dice rolls. Sentry is fun, basically double dipping with a single model, getting two shots. What I found was that Strahkov never has enough focus to do everything he wants to do! I didnt even have enough to cast all his upkeeps in the first turn! (I missed out on Occultation) Beast 09 yet again gets the caster kill, adding another notch to his well worn axe handle.