Friday, July 9

A Sad State Of Affairs

Hey guys, been a while since I posted due to being extremely busy... Im moving, and so have been doing a lot of work on packing up the house, and sorting out stuff to leave behind / sell / give to the salvation army.

While doing all this hard work, ive been convinced I do not need as many *toys* as I have, regardless of my protests that they are "Action Figures", and thus do not constitute toys.

Since my wife is better at arguing than I am, ive relented and decided to put some of my millions of Khador and random assorted models up for sale. This includes some Cygnar, Skorne and Retribution stuff I had collected, but never really used...

Anyway, for any NZers interested in some stuff, its all in varying conditions, some straight out of the box, some constructed, based and undercoated but never got round to painting, and some painted (to a high quality, of course).

Heres a link to go have a peruse, and perhaps bid on stuff! =D *CLICK ME*