Wednesday, August 26

Bloaty take 2


Bloaty the Bloat Thrall!

Done! I suspect its a terrible pic tho. Again, without the flash!

Saturday, August 15

New pic of Khador Heavy to come with MK2!


Buzzsaw + Rifle Jack!!


The Khadoran part of this army. Go Khador!


The Mercenary and Minion part of my army.


The Legion of Everblight chunk of this army.


The Circle of Orboros part of this force.


The Cryx part of this collection

Reorganisation of Warmachine and Hordes

The totality of the crazy large amount of models currently at my house. Consisting of 5 factions, Khador, Circle, Cryx, Legion and Mercs!

Saturday, August 1

Bane Lord Tartarus WIP

A quick sneak peek at my latest project, Tartarus! Hes going to be a 3 colour palette and will be the same as my bane knights and thralls. Glowy green for the 'flesh' parts, with bone armour and tin metallics.