Wednesday, February 11

Massive 2v1 Battle

Had a really fun battle against Raymonds Everblight and Richards Circle last night, we went 2v1 750pts total per side, so I had 750 and eVlad, against 2 x 375 with Lylyth and Kruegar.

My army consisted of:

2 x Mortars
Great Bears of Gallowswood
6 x Kayazy Assassins + UA
Aiyanna and Holt
Drakhun + Dismount
Yuri + 2 Manhunters

My army all set up (Manhunters at top right)

Facing off against:

3 Shredders and a Carny
Unit of Swordsmen
Strider Deathstalker

Everblight's Set-up


Lord of the Rings... I mean Feast
Sentry Stone
Shifting Stones

Circle Orboros's Set-up

It looked pretty even, I outnumbered both of their armies (purely because the Behemoth practically outnumbers everything just by himself) and I got priority. We played the no-mans land scenario, forcing us to congregate towards the middle.

Behemoth runs, gets a lucky deviation with a Bombard and pummels the Strider Deathstalker with a massive hit, blowing her away. Everything just advances, eVlad sets up Transference and Hand of Fate.

On their turn, things get tricky with Kruegars crazy spell giving everything more DEF and ARM against ranged attacks. Their army advances, almost into the middle ground.

End of Turn 1 for both of us - advanced my army forward.

My turn again, I advance, but dont want to get into charge range just yet... Great Bears take some cover, and I entrench myself into the no-mans land. Mortars and Bombards do MASSIVE damage this turn, a direct hit on the Woldwarden and some deviating over other stuff.

Next turn - lightning hell. Kruegar unleashes, and pummels my army with multiple lightning attacks including his feat, ripping apart the poor MoW Demo Corp. They fall to bits, only one guy surviving. Luckily, the Great Bears are still up and running and angry as well. Carnivean does some damage to the Behemoth, who just smirks at his shenanigans. A damn Shredder runs into base to base with Behemoth, mucking his charge on Lylyth up for the next round. Also, Warpy charges the Great Bears with lightning tendrils, killing one of them.

Note the Demo Corp almost all dead - due to lightning death.

My turn - eVlad pops his feat. Both mortars, the lone Demo corp and the Drakhun get his tokens and they cause havoc. The mortar gets MVP - a direct hit on Kruegar. Needing something ridiculous like 15 to hit, I roll a 17 (was only intending on getting some deviation hits on him) and then did 17 damage, to the poor warlock with only 16 health. Without an eligible target to transfer to, Kruegar exploded into tiny pieces. After some more crazy stuff, the Drakhun two-shotted the Carnivean threatening my flank, and the other mortar almost killed the Woldwarden, while the Great Bears and a Manhunter killed the Warpwolf.

eVlads feat turn - Warpy, Woldy and Carny all die, as well as Kruegar.

After some more running around, Lylyth bit the dust as well with two deviations of the Mortars. eVlad with two mortars and Transference is exceptionally good I have realised! He plays much more the support than the one-man army he used to be.

So - I lost my unit of Demo Corps (again) but practically nothing else. Drakhun ended up dismounted, one of the Great Bears died, as did a Kayazy Assassin, and the Behemoth lost an arm. However, I killed every last model except for the Sentry stone, so I was very happy with the results.

That damn Shredder just wouldn't die!

eVlad, Mortars, Transference and Blood Legacy. Crazy Combo!

The final Khador battleline - looking for a rematch!

P.S, I apologize for the crap photos, still working on that camera-fu!

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