Thursday, June 18

750 Khador + Circle vs Menoth

For the second game of the night, Richards Circle and my Khador teamed up. I used the exact same army as last game, Vlad + Crew, and Richard took Kruegar with a Warbeast heavy force.

Menoth had a huge army, 2 big units, 5 light warjacks, 2 choir and a bunch of solos.

We had a pretty normal deployment - as I only had 4 models mine was VERRRY simple - all clumped up ready to run up as per normal. Richard scattered his to my left, and attempted to swarm his counterpart on Johns right.

Richards Circle forces eye the Khador ranks warily...

The large number of forces of Menoth

Johns army deployed scattered across the field, very imposing. We were slightly worried at being so outnumbered, but just figured we'd go for the assassination. Seneschals + Knights Exemplar were a pain in the butt, but killing them early would keep us safe.

Turn 2 - Everyones scared of advancing tooooo far.

We stalked forward carefully, making sure I didnt get charged by a meaty unit of Knights and arc-noded by the Jacks. Theres a tricky little Wrack on the right behind the building too if you look closely - POW15 will own Zerkers if they get tagged by it. I relied on BoK Vlad to do well - and well he did, unhittable the entire game. Richards Mannikins frustrated his redeemer - the first charge of a mannikin blowing off its Skyhammer, and making our lives MUCH easier.

Turn 2-ish, and we are advancing under cover. Different perspective to the previous one.

At this point - we were all in combat and things were dying. Almost all the knights and both seneschals had gotten killed, and my Zerker was down to 2 boxes left. Vlad was just Razor Winding the bejeezus outta stuff, and doing quite well at it really. A Zerker on the left of the shot was readying a Trample Charge with S+P on the next turn - but as Kruegar killed Feora we called it a night there.

Everyone is well and truly stuck in.

Result - Feora down, Kreoss alive. Vlad and Kruegar are fiiiiine. Minor victory to Khador + Circle. One more turn, and maybe it would have been different, Kreoss could have died to my crazed Zerker, or Vlad might have gone down to a concentrated assault - making the game even again.

My army didnt do much, Kruegar was much more interesting with Forked Lightnings here and there, Menoth forces charged forward much too soon and were countercharged for their troubles.


  1. Nice pics mate, and an enjoyable game forgotten how much fun Warmachine was...

  2. Hell yea krueger showed everyone how we do it the circle way! Caster vs caster style YO!!!!