Thursday, October 23

2v2 Battle!

So, our massive battle went down tonight, we ended up playing 2 games back to back - As the first game ended much too quickly due to Henk's over excited tactics of moving his warlock too close to the enemy. It did not go well for the Khador + Everblight team, although we were winning to begin with we ended up being on the wrong end of Kreoss's feat and the majority of our army was on its butt. Luckily Vlad was out of range, but Lylyth got smacked down and then pounded on by a Temple Flamegaurd, a Woldwarden, and a Woldwyrd - losing Henk's caster. This left just my army against two entire armies of theirs, so we called it at that.

Quickly respawning our units, we tried to have another hurried game. Wether or not it was due to mine and Henks great tactical planning or just lucky dice, we quickly turned the tide towards us in order to decimate the enemy forces. With all of their big units dead, and us quickly running out of time to finish the game, we called it then -- with some debate over who won, it looked like Khador and Everblight had gained more VP's.

Unfortunately, we hadnt been able to kill any of their warcasters, so i dont like to proclaim victory, just a draw in our favour --- with a burning rage deep in their proud hearts, my Khadorans went home, without feeding more blood and dead weaklings to their axes.

Over the two games, one of the best moments for me was a Bombard shot landing directly in the middle of the unit of Temple Flamegaurd, killing 8 out of 12 of them. Orin Midwinter had his first outing as well, and although not toooo impressive, was still able to kill a few models off. His antimagic ability is a bit lackluster however, so i would not be taking him again with that specific tactic in mind.

Vlad did well again, hes not SUPER good, but a nice average performance in every game. Signs and Portents is invaluable, allowing me to roll even the craziest numbers to hit / kill stuff. As well as that, 7 focus is a lot of fun to play with!

So basically - 1 loss, and 1 maybe win. Not happy with this result, we resolved to organise an EVEN bigger game next week!! This time the mighty Reds had better win! >.<

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  1. Hey mate James here from wargamerau. The blogs a good read, but I'm a little confused how you managed to kill 8 Temple FlameGuard in a single blast?