Friday, February 19

35pt and 30pt Battle - Khador + Circle vs Menoth

An awesome battle between John, Emma and I, we played a 35 pt Menoth force vs a 15 pt Khador and 15 pt Circle army. The extra 5 points for John was to make up for the fact he was fighting against a two Warcaster/Warlock team.

I brought the Old Witch army list I took in the previous game here, and Emma took her Mohsar list that she used in the previous game, here. Johns list was impressively huge, with two Heavies, a Light and a large number of Menite Infantry. You can see his list here (Game 3).


Circle sets up on the far left, Khador on the far right. Menoth is pretty even right in the middle.

Turn 1/2:

Menoth rushes forwards to Circles position, while trying to hold up Khador positioned on his flank. Kossites come in from the sides, one unit taking out Menoth artillery, and the other unit trying to support Circle.

Turn 3:

Khador cleans up on the right flank, while Circle holds solid with a wall of salt against the Menite heavies. Things wont look good if those Heavies get to Mohsar...

Turn 4:

Menoth heavies engage Megalith, who pounds them to bits, unfortunately failing to destroy them. The attrition is in full swing, with most of the KE dying to Crevasse and other circle attacks. The Kossites pester Feora and her support by coming around behind. John's arc-node light Jack is engaging my forces, slowing me down to help out in the middle.

Turn 5:

With a resounding bang, Megalith goes down to the fists and maces of the Menoth heavy jacks. Circle is very quickly running out of models, and Mohsar is reduced to spamming Crevasse in a hope of taking out the heavy Jacks systems. The Old Witch is hurrying to get into the battle, the resolute Menoth Light manages to survive a round of combat with the Destroyer. The Kossites shoot out the Heirophant, and further pester Feora, forcing her into the open.

Final Turns:

The next couple of turns are pretty slow, the Kossites regroup and pepper Feora with shots, and die to attacks by the Knights Exemplar. The Old Witch advances on Feora, intent on sacrificing her to Mother Khador. Mohsar avoids assassination with his hiding around, but is forced to bleed himself dry for fury. He struggles in the face of an incoming heavy. The game ends at this point, as John needs to go home...


Final Thoughts:

"The Old Witch looks hungrily at Feora, still blazing with righteous fury. Her steel claws click together as she anticipates the kill. Looking over to her one-time ally, Mohsar, she sees him in peril, one of the mighty Menoth Warjacks looming over him. Sighing, and letting out an inhuman cry - sounding like a flock of crows - she implodes in a cloud of black feathers, just as a jet of Menoth's Fury scorches the ground she once stood.

Feora looks around, slightly confused, as the Kossites melt into the woods around them. Deathly silence descends on the field, and Feora proudly leads the remaining haggard Knights Exemplar and the limping Castigator from the field.

Mohsar snarls angrily at the Crusader, about to slam its mighty Inferno Mace right on top of him, as a swarm of black crows envelopes the gigantic construct. It is distracted for a moment, and then continues its arc - crashing into the ground that Mohsar stood mere seconds earlier.

To live, to fight again another day..."

This was a really fun game, with the Old Witch trying to Guerilla the enemy Menites. John played very strategically, throwing away a portion of his army to the hungry Khadorans in order to concentrate his attacks on Circle. As luck would have it, a bitter melee left both armies crippled, but the game ended before the almost fresh forces of Khador could get to the enemy lines. This was a very long game, but one I think all of us thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. Nice final thoughts mate - "Feora looks slightly confused" ... a rematch is definately a must do. Youll have to get Emma down to the Club so we can have a big game on a big table