Wednesday, January 28

Round 7 of the Warmachine Campaign

Round 7 of the Campaign:

This next round it was Stephen, not John rolling for our special event - and he rolled us up a doozy. The Supernatural Fog event is one of the trickier events to get around, as all LOS is limited to 8". However the rule is that if one of your models has LOS to an enemy, they can give other models that information. Also, all ranged attacks automatically miss at 8"+. (Similar to stealth)

FOG OF WAR (LOS limited to 8")

Richard and I were tied for priority this game, so rolled off who would challenge first. Richard took about 10 minutes to decide, and eventually picked John as he had not played him yet during this campaign. Me going second, I didnt want to play Stephen twice in one night and so picked Raymond. I used my premade Karchev army, (oh the evil things you can do with +25 points) which included Karchev, Drago and 2 Berzerkers.

Initial Territories:

Raymond - 6
Toshi - 7
Stephen - 4
John - 5
Henk - 9
Richard - 7

I only saw the end of Richard and Johns match, go to Stumpy Heaven to see his full write up on it (which should be up today) but the end was very intense, it went to full time also - but this game was a frantic struggle for Victory Points which Richard succeeded in grabbing much more than John - as John tends to spread his damage out over things, and Richard likes to concentrate firepower and take one thing out at a time. John only had Feora and his Choir left at the end, and although most of Richards models were on fire (thanks to Feora's feat) he hadnt lost a significant enough amount to give John the game.

The match between Raymond and I was over pretty quick, the 8" LOS rule annoyed me a little but since my effective range was at most a 7" charge, I was ok with it. I went with the line of brawlers strategy, charging 4 heavy warjacks as fast as they would go into the enemy lines. Of particular concern to me was the Carnivean, which, as I have experienced before, is quite capable of ripping Karchev into small, bite-sized pieces in one round. However, protecting Karchev with the Iron Curtain, I was able to bait the Carny into charging one of my Zerkers, who also was in combat with the Forsaken. An entire unit of Swordsmen died to various effects, including Karchev's fissure, Iron curtain shenanigans, and an angry Drago. One Berzerker suffered a lot of damage, losing both arms. This was the one the Carnivean had pummelled.

Irregardless, a casting of Unearthly Rage and a charge with 2 focus left with Karchev left the Carny sliced into steaming chunks of blighted flesh. The Berzerkers did what they do best, and minced a shredder or two and a bunch of Swordsmen. One failure was the last Berzerker, with no arms, even under UR unable to kill the Forsaken, which finished it off in his next turn. Karchev took a couple of arrow shots to the face from Lylyth, which, even with boosts bounced off his armour. Karchev finished the game with an Unearthly Rage charge +1 focus for an extra Sunder attack and finished the game by splitting Lylyth in two.

Most Valuable Models - Karchev by far (I had forgotten how much fun he is!)

Richard wins 8vp to 3vp.
Toshi wins with Caster Kill with Karchev the Terrible.

No bonds were made these games.

End Summary:

Raymond - 5
Toshi - 8
Stephen - 5
John - 4
Henk - 9
Richard - 8

Round 6 of our Warmachine Campaign

Round 6 of the Campaign:

John rolled us a fantastic special event this round, giving all armies +100 points to their limits. This did cause a bit of frantic redoing of army lists, and it messed with my plans a little bit, as I had brought 2 seperate armies that did not stick together very well. In the end, I just dropped a Manhunter out of my Vlad list and added in the Kodiak. Raymond and Stephen had a hard time due to their low model count, but proxied a few things and were fine.

GOOD WEATHER - +100 points

Raymond started off first, challenging John. John could have gotten someone else to take Raymond down in a 2v1, but opted not to. John also had the disadvantage of being at less than 5 Territories and being 25 points under. Richard and I rolled off for the next challenge, with me getting it and challenging Stephen and his Skorne. He was 25 points ahead of me due to his "Mass Production" buff that had carried over from a previous turn. Richard didnt get a game this round, and Henk sat out as he didnt turn up.


Raymond - 7 (vs John, John Wins) - 6
Toshi - 6 (vs Stephen, Toshi Wins) - 7
Stephen - 5 (vs Toshi, Toshi Wins) - 4
John - 4 (vs Raymond, John Wins) - 5
Henk - 9 (Skips) - 9
Richard - 6 (+1 Territory) - 7

The game between Raymond and John was a close fought battle, from what I could hear on the other side of the table during my game there was close dice rolls on both sides. They ran out of time, and at the 90 minute mark they tallied up their VP's. John managed to get 11, and Raymond only had 8. Raymond also lost his bonded Carnivean, a heavy blow to the fledgling Legion army.

My game versus Skorne was interesting, my army was unoptimized at being an extra 100 points and I took along a Kodiak, something that has historically done very badly for me. True to form, it sucked in this battle as well! Missing both its attacks in its first turn in combat, it still managed to boil to death a couple of Praetorians with its Vent Steam attack. My army included the Man Of War Drakhun and Drago as the other two heavy hitters, Drago performing exceptionally under the influence of Vlad and Signs and Portents.

Unfortunately for Stephen, he thought his beasts were safe from Drago's rampage, as he had both his Cyclops' and his Titan standing next to each other. In one turn, Drago killed the Titan, one Cyclops and severely damaged the second. I had killed almost all his Warbeasts in one models activation! However, at the end of this rampage Makeda took it upon herself to stab the raging Berzerker in the back multiple times and put an end to his destruction. Makeda was now in a vulnerable position - and the game was won with a charge over rough terrain of the flaming wreck that had been Drago by the Great Bears of Gallowswood under the effects of Signs and Portents. By the time the second Bear attacked for the first time, Makeda was totally and utterly obliterated.

The Drakhun also did very well, holding up an entire flank by himself and focusing three units on him he still survived, albeit on 1 hp left in his dismounted form :) The Ancestral Guardian, fuelled by the Drakhun and Drago's rampaging, smacked the Drakhun around - who was too scared of the retaliation strike to attack the Guardian itself.

Vlad was in a support role this game due to the incredible annoyance of Orin Midwinter. He wasnt worth focusing on to kill him, but he did force Vlad to back away a couple of times so I could still cast S+P.

Most valuable models - Drago and Great Bears. For their incredible destructive force, especially so with Signs and Portents.

John wins 11vp to 8vp
Toshi wins Caster kill with the Great Bears of Gallowswood.

Raymond's Lylyth, who survived with 2 Shredder's left, bonds one of his Shredders.

End summary:

Raymond - 6
Toshi - 7
Stephen - 4
John - 5
Henk - 9
Richard - 7

Tuesday, January 27

New Circle Heavy Warbeast!

Looks pretty ... um ... yeah. Not overly impressed by the sculpt, but I believe the angle of the shot could be influencing that. Was waiting for the Woldwrath.... *cough* I mean the unknown Circle Character Warbeast though. Still, I may get this one dependent on its rules.

Friday, January 23

New Skorne Warbeast!

In case you havent seen it yet, it looks like Skorne get a crazy giant dual wielding cyclops! Rawr!

Thursday, January 22

Wednesday, January 21

Round 4 And 5 Completed!

Well we had 2 more Campaign rounds last night, this time held at my house. 4 of us turned up, Raymond and his Everblight, John and his Menoth, Richard and his Circle and myself with Khador.

Initial territories held were:

Raymond: 7
Henk: 9
John: 4
Stephen: 5 + Mass Production
Toshi: 5
Richard: 5

New this week was the use of our Special Events, this was rolled for by John who then got to choose it or +1/-1 to the roll. This week we had "Spiritual Training", +1 focus/fury per warcaster, and "Heavy Rain", -50 points to total army limit.

Round 4: Spiritual Training, +1 Focus/Fury

The first two games that were played were Raymonds Everblight versus Johns Menoth, John was at a -25 point disadvantage here, but the game was close fought and ended in a slight victory for Raymond when time was up. John had scored 4 Victory Points, and Raymond had scored 5. Although I didnt see much of the battle, it looked like it could have gone either way at many points during the fight.

The other game during this round was Richards Circle versus my Khador. I was using Irusk this week as my Warcaster, with an army that included the Man of War Drakhun, Beast 09, a Winterguard Mortar and the Great Bears of Gallowswood with their personal surgeon, Doc Killingsworth.

The game went well, we both scored 3 VP's leading to a draw at the end of the game. I had lost Doc Killingsworth (I wasnt overly concerned here) and the Great Bears of Gallowswood. (severly overestimated their defensive capability, and they got smacked in the head by Baldur with Arcane Killer on him.)

Richard brought an interesting army against me, Baldur, and Argus, a Woldwyrd and a Woldwatcher for his Warbeasts, with the Wolves of Orboros, Lord of the Feast and a unit of Shifting and Sentry stones. Tricksy as ever, I spent most of the game attempting to get into a good position to kill them. Beast 09 was invaluable here, with Superiority he is simply one of the best Jacks in the game, and he personally killed the majority of the Wolves and the Lord of the Feast. The Drakhun finished the Wolves off, and gave me my 3 VP's.

Baldur was a bloody pain in the ass to catch, and just before time was up i was luckily able to smack him in the face with Beast 09, catching him with his Ice Breaker. Critically frozen, unable to manipulate fury, I was sure I had it in the bag. Would have been interesting to see how it went from there, but we had to call it.

Raymond vs John, Raymond wins 5 VP to 4 VP.
Toshi vs Richard, draw 3 VP to 3 VP.
Stephen and Henk not present.


As Richards Baldur finished the game and still had Warbeasts left, he bonded to his Argus, giving it Heightened Awareness. (Pretty useless really for an Argus!)

Round 5: Heavy Rain, -50 points to all battles.

The next round began with Raymond challenging Richard, and John and me having a game. -50 points to our lists led to much shorter games, and this was pretty good as it was getting relatively late. Although I didnt see much of their game, Richards heavy construct army was able to manipulate Raymonds Everblight into a situation for an assassination run from Baldur. Baldur succeded, and Lylyth went down!

My game versus John, I just dropped the Drakhun and kept the rest of the army the same. It was a short but sweet game, Beast 09 critically freezing and proceeding to pound Kreoss into the ground. My army was mostly immune to Knockdown, which helped against Kreoss's feat.

Raymond vs Richard, Richard wins by Assassination.
Toshi vs John, Toshi wins by Assassination.
Stephen and Henk not present.


Richards Baldur bonds to his Argus again, getting King of the Beasts, and to his Woldwyrd, with Symbiotic Link.

Special --

Campaign Masters Decision: Johns Menoth army has in influction of Idrian settlements intent on joining the cause to repel the heretics of the north. +2 Territories.


Tuesday, January 20

Round 4 Begins Tonight!

Round 4 of the campaign begins tonight, with Henk away Raymond starts off deciding who he will battle. Interesting times ahead for all!

In other news, I primed my Great Bears last night... only took me 1 and a half hours... and I looked at it this morning and realised I still missed spots!!!

Monday, January 19


Stuff arrived from Maelstrom today.

Great Bears of Gallowswood
Kell Bailoch
Blackclad Wayfarer

Im going to have fun tonight!!!

Wednesday, January 14

Legion Envy


(new Character Legion Warbeast)

Campaign Results from the 14th:

Well, we did it much quicker than I had thought we were going to - managed to get 3 rounds into the night!

Perhaps my original plan of 6 rounds before we reset the campaign will have to be reconsidered...

Pregame preperation went well, everyone (except me, grrr) recieving 5 or more territories and giving them the +25 point bonus. I didnt get a game in the first round, which I didnt mind as I was able to timekeep and monitor how the games went easier. I spent my action to gain another Territory, making it to 5.

Pregame Territories:

Raymond: 6
Henk: 6
John: 6
Stephen: 5
Toshi: 4

Round 1:

Two games were had here, Raymonds Lylyth Everblight versus Henks Rhyas Everblight and Stephens Morghoul Skorne versus Johns Kreoss Menoth.

I was the leftover, and chose the option to gain +1 Territory.

Results: Henks Everblight won, and Stephens Skorne won. +1 Territory to both.

The Everblight game was an interesting one to watch - Henk was bringing in his Angelius, an evil beastie if there ever was one, and Raymond is still relatively new to the game. A good battle, that went to assassination run as the Angelius boosted past the majority of Raymonds army to stab Lylyth in the head with its extremely strong attacks. Raymonds forgot to have enough things to transfer to, and ended up eating the attacks, killing Lylyth.

Skorne vs Menoth was a good one, we used the 10minute turn limits here for the first time, and it hampered John a little, with some mistakes being made such as not activating units. I saw the end of it, and it came down to the wire - Kreoss and Morghoul in close combat. Attrition wise, Skorne had the advantage here, Menoth units being almost completely wiped out and no Warjacks left. Morghoul failed a whole series of attacks, and Kreoss's counterattack almost killed Morghoul. (if he hadnt missed 3 of his attacks)

Round 2:

Raymond: 5
Henk: 7
John: 5 + Mass Production
Stephen: 6
Toshi: 5

Henk challenged Stephen to begin with - and I ended up playing against Raymond and his Everblight. God, that ended badly.

John was the leftover, and chose to Mass Produce for +25 points in his next battle.

Henk won his game, and Raymond beat me to win his game. +1 Territories for those two.

Henk had a relatively close game against Stephen, from what I heard Henk was able to sniper off a portion of Stephen's army, then ended Morghoul's life with Rhyas charging and slashing him to bits. I wasnt watching too much, as I was busy with my own games!

Raymond killed me in record time, 18mins into the game. Basically -> I had windrushed Sorcha up and Fog of Warred, hitting 22 Defence to range + magic. Practically untouchable, or so I thought. Enter Carnivean, just in range of his spray attack and shoots at her. Needs a 17 to hit or something. Rolls 2D6, and gets double 6's! I sigh audibly, and let him roll for damage. He then rolls 16, at -1 for armour!!! Sorcha is on 2 hp left. Shocked, Raymond does his next move, and Eruption of Spines Beast 09, catching Sorcha in the blast, boosting for damage and doing enough to kill her.

So yeah, I got owned =D

Round 3:

Raymond: 6
Henk: 8
John: 5
Stephen: 5
Toshi: 4

Only one game was played this round, between me and John. The rest of the guys either gained +1 Territory or Mass Produced.

Admittedly, I played this one a bit cheaply as I was annoyed at the previous game. Using Sorcha's evil feat and her Critical Freeze on her weapon, I was able to keep Kreoss frozen 3 turns in a row, halting all his Warjacks and not letting him get any spells or hits off. Although I lost Aiyanna and Holt and Yuri the Axe in this battle, and killed very few of his units, I was able to finally get some decent rolls past his ARM22 and do some decent damage, killing him. The Drakhun was good, and a couple of mistakes with his rules (which may or may not have changed the battle) made him a very valuable model.

After this, we called it a night.

Final Results:

Raymond: 7
Henk: 9
John: 4
Stephen: 5 + Mass Production
Toshi: 5

This is the territory map at the end of the game:

Tuesday, January 13

Final Rules List for Campaign:

Just to make it easier for anyone looking into our campaign, heres the final rules list:

(Its a bit long :P)

Campaign Setting for the Iron Kingdoms -

Campaign Guidelines and Rules:

As of this week, a group of us local Warmachine/Hordes players are getting together to start a campaign battle going. As I am the self proclaimed organiser, im going to create the rules for the campaign - C&C welcome of course.

Multiple players will be involved - This will be a drop-in, drop-out multiplayer event. Although we will start with 4 players this Wednesday (Hopefully John, Henk, Raymond and I) other players can join, generate Territories, and Challenge if they wish.
Records will be kept, in continous permanent environment.

One campaign round per week at least - maybe more if we get enough time.
All players present on Campaign night (currently Wednesday) get one (1) Campaign Action per round.

Possible actions:

  • Declare a Challenge
  • Mass Production
  • Claim new, currently unoccupied Territory

The person with the highest number of Territories at the beginning of the round starts off Declaring a Challenge. You may not Challenge someone who isnt there. When you challenge someone, that persons action is also used up by meeting the challenge.

Declaring a Challenge - If there is a eligible Challengee, you must perform this action. An eligible Challengee is any person present on the night who is not already currently being Challenged or Challenging. The Challengee MUST accept the Challenge.

If there is an uneven number of players during one of the Campaign rounds, after all the possible Challenges have been made and accepted the remaining player can do one of two actions:

Mass Production: Their troops spend this round gearing up for war, making new weapons, training new troops. They gain a one-off bonus of 25 points to their point limit for the next battle they are in only.

New Territory: Their troops (and Warcaster) spend this round out in the desert/mountains/neighbouring Territories fighting the locals and "convincing" them to join their cause. They get +1 to their number of Territories.

All challenges/battles start off on a base 350 point level - with no restrictions on unit types as long as the fit the FA rules. You may recieve bonuses to this 350 level restriction. The easiest one is the flat +25 for Mass Production. You also recieve +25 for owning 5 Territories at the start of the round, and a further +25 for every 5 Territories after that. Say for example, you owned 15 Territories and you also had the Mass Production buff, that would be a point limit of 350 + 25 x 3 + 15 = 450 points for the next battle.

Winning and Losing the Challenges:

When you win a Challenge, you capture 1 Territory from your Opponent. You may never lose your last Territory, so you cant go below 1. If you challenge someone who has only 1 Territory, you gain nothing from beating them except for avoiding a challenge from another opponent, and gaining Bonding chances for your Warjacks/Warbeasts.

If you lose a Challenge, you lose 1 Territory except if you only have 1. If your Warcaster survived, you may attempt to bond to your Warjacks/Beasts as per usual.

A W/L/D will be kept for each player.

Starting with Territories and Warjack/Warcaster bonds:

All players when they first sign up for the Campaign will recieve [3+2D3 dropping one] Territories. So, between 4 and 6, with a higher chance of getting a higher number. When building lists, any Warcaster is allowed. You may chose to use Lylyth for your first game, Saeryn for your second game and Rhyas for your third game if you wish. Any non-unique Warbeast or Warjack that you bond with with a particular caster gets noted down with your Army notes and they stay with the Warcaster until the Warbeast dies.

Because Unique warjacks can only bond to someone they have an affinity to, ie. Vlad and Drago it doesnt matter if you take them - if you bring Drago with someone other than Vlad Drago does not benefit from any bond, if destroyed will not lose the bond to Vlad. (Its not really Drago, just another really old Zerker with the same violent tendencies)

IF you manage to get enough points to hit 750, you may bring an Epic Warcaster or Epic Eiryss if you choose to. However, this is rather unlikely :)

Weekly Events During Campaign Games:

As an added factor in the Campaign setting, every week a special event will occur which will alter the battles in some way. These are designed to effect all players equally. The person who currently holds the largest number of territories, after the dice are rolled, may choose to add or subtract one from the total score.



  1. Nothing.
  2. Supernatural weather - A blanket of fog envelops the entire continent, suspiciously magical in origin. LOS is cut down to a maximum of 8" for all players, including those with Eyeless sight. (The magical nature of the fog is distressing even to Legion creatures) All ranged attacks automatically miss 8+" away from the target.
  3. Officer Training - All leaders of units, solos with the "Commander" ability, and Warcasters gain +1 CMD and the "Commander" ability if they did not already have it.
  4. Rested troopers - All models in every army gain +1 SPD due to resting up in between battles.
  5. Rampant Unemployment - Due to some penny pinching by the governments of Khador and Cygnar, the economy is tight. All armies may take one faction or merc/minion solo up to the value of 30 points for free this week.
  6. Good Weather - Excellent weather helps supply lines travel over the countryside, all armies gain +100 point limit this week.
  7. Nothing happens of interest this week.
  8. Extra Training - One unit/solo/beast per army increases its FA by 1, unless its FA = Character.
  9. Disease - An epidemic of a non-fatal but disabling disease strike the continent, causing the amount of troops available to drop. All armies must take 50 points less than usual this week, to a minimum of 300 points.
  10. Heavy Rain - Heavy rain turns the countryside into mud, all units (except ones that would normally ignore such things, ghosts etc. {All terrain or Pathfinder still suffer this penalty, as it is NOT rough terrain}) suffer -1 SPD.
  11. Caught off Guard!!! - Each battle, roll to see who deploys first. Whoever deploys second, all of their units gain the "Advance Deployment" rule. (This means first player must put out all his AD units as well as his normal units before the Second player puts out anything)
  12. Spiritual Training - All Warcasters/Warlocks undergo Spiritual Training, and temporarily raise their Fury/Focus stat by one (1) each.
  13. Nothing.

So let me know what you think, I can edit any that seem too powerful. They are supposed to be fair as well, not benefitting any one army over another.

Monday, January 12

Last post regarding Campaign battles:

Ok one more aspect left to go on the Campaign trail:

Joint battles.

In the event of someone more powerful challenging someone weaker -> This being defined as the Attacker having double the number of Territories (rounded up: i.e 9 -> 10) as the Defender, the Defender may choose to include someone else who is present on the night to join forces to defend against them.

The second Defender can choose to decline this battle if they want, however they do have a bonus here - in the event the Attacker wins, the Attacker will gain one territory from the Defender (unless the Defender only has one left). If the Defenders win, they will both gain a Territory from the Attacker, who will lose 2 Territories!

The second Defender, in order to participate, must have less current Territories than the Attacker.
Also, to preserve game balance, both Defenders suffer a -100 point limit penalty, to a minimum of 300 points.

For example.

  • Player A with 10 Territories challenges Player B with 4 Territories.
  • Player B asks Player C, with 8 Territories, to attack Player A together.
  • Player C accepts - the battle begins.
  • If no other points multiplier is in effect, Player A would have 400 points to play with (350 + 2 x 25) against 300 (350 - 100) points of Player B and 300 (350 + 25 - 100) points of Player C.
  • If Player A (somehow) wins this battle Player B loses 1 Territory and Player A gains 1 Territory.
  • If Player B + C win this battle, Player A loses 2 Territories and both Player B + C gain 1 Territory each.

This should mean that players with low numbers of Territories don't get picked on by players with high numbers of Territories. Unless they are REALLY confident :D

All bonding to Warjacks at the end of the battle happens as per usual.

Warjack Bonding

All Warjacks + Warbeast bonding happens according to the rules stated in Prime: Remix and Hordes: Primal. (ie, D6 + X number of games Warcaster and that particular Warjack/Beast survives, 7 or higher = successful bond, roll on bonding table.)

Steamroller 4 and Scenario rules:

We will be using the Steamroller 4 rules for turn + round length. Succinctly, this is:

Turn Length = 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, no matter what you are doing you must finish the activation of the model you are using and put your dice down. It is immediately the next players turn.

Match Length = 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, you must finish the model you are activating and then put your dice down. The game is immediately over.

Once the game is over, and both Warcaster/Locks survive, the winner of the match is decided by either the Scenario conditions, or whoever has the greater number of VP's.


Each round two things happen: The person with the lowest number of Territories (roll it off if its a draw) rolls on the Random Events table and chooses to add or subtract one from the roll. The second thing is to roll on the Scenario generation table. The same person rolls both rolls.


  1. Mosh Pit
  2. No Mans Land
  3. Caster/Lock Kill

Mosh Pit:

1) Mark a 14" Diameter circle centered in the map. This is the Mosh Pit.

Starting on the first players 3rd turn, a player wins when he ends his turn in control of the Mosh Pit. A player controls the Mosh Pit if he has one or more models completely within the Mosh Pit and his opponent has no models completely in the Mosh Pit. For a unit to control the Mosh Pit, all models in the unit still in play must be completely within the mosh pit. Ignore wrecked or inert Warjacks, wild Warbeasts and fleeing modesl when checking for control.

If time runs out before one player has won, the player with the most VP's of models in the Mosh Pit wins.

No Mans Land:

1) Mark an 8" wide area running widthways across the table centered on the table. This is No Mans Land.

Starting on the first players third turn, a player wins when he ends his turn in control of No Mans Land. Starting on the first players 3rd turn, a player wins when he ends his turn in control of the No Mans Land. A player controls the No Mans Land if he has one or more models completely within the No Mans Land and his opponent has no models completely in the No Mans Land. For a unit to control the No Mans Land, all models in the unit still in play must be completely within No Mans Land. Ignore wrecked or inert Warjacks, wild Warbeasts and fleeing modesl when checking for control.

If time runs out before one player has won, the player with the most VP's of models in the Mosh Pit wins.

Caster Kill:

Standard Victory condition - this also applies during other scenarios.

When only one player has a warcaster/warlock in play, that player wins the game.

There we have it, that should be all the rules we need for our campaign battle.
We will be playing 6 rounds for "Immoren Campaign v1.0", after this I will see if any rules need readjusting. We should get this completed in 6 weeks or less.

Monday, January 12

Stonewarden Pic:

Here it is, sneak preview of a new Circle unit, the Stonewarden and his Woldstalkers!

Click the pic to zoom in :)