Saturday, September 13

Karchev The Terrible!

This is the first post in my new series of Spotlight articles for Warmachine, each time I do it I will focus on one of my characters, units or Warjacks and give a quick overview of who they are, what they do, and any reallly cool thing they may have done in the past. (Which wont be much as I have only played 3 games)

Karchev The Terrible:

Well, to begin with, hes my Warcaster Jack. Basically a man encased in a shell of steel (kinda like Robocop) he is a massive presence on the field. One of the only Warcasters who can do power attacks, he can slam, trample, armlock and throw his enemies around the field, well, whenever hes not trashing people with Sunder, his P+S 19 Axe! Not much can withstand a few hits from Karchev, but he can be dealt with at the same time.

His damageboxes come in the form of a Warjack, and its is possible for him to lose his arms and movement, severely decreasing his effectiveness.

His spells are great, and they all are most beneficial for Warjacks. Possibly his best spell, Unearthly Rage, makes all his Warjacks extremely powerful, recieving free boosted attacks and damage rolls! Especially good with Berserkers, who can explode if they recieve focus like normal. They definitely wont with UR on them!

His feat is alright, very much aimed at increasing his Warjacks potential even further. All his Warjacks may make a free charge or power attack this turn, and can charge over rough terrain! While situational, it ensures that his 'Jacks get to where they do best - melee.

All in all, a very cool caster, synergy with Warjacks (my favourite models), and a monster in melee himself.

Cool things hes done so far --- chopped some shredders to little pieces. Mutilated a Seraph. Killed Lylyth twice, and Kreoss twice.

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  1. Kharchev is a great model: i like the snow effect. It's a good way to take the standard khardor paint scheme and make it unique.

    I am also starting warmachine (after a long warhammer40k background), and i love the heavy warjacks.

    Sorsha is nice and all, but I just don't like how squishy she is as a warcaster. I've been 2-shot by light warjacks, lol. When i get kharcev up and running, that certainly isn't going to happen again. :D

    good luck with the war, fellow khardovian!