Wednesday, January 6

2 Battles last night!

Well - had Toby and Raymond around last night for some quick battles, first up we had Emmas Kaya army vs Raymonds Thagrosh army, at 15pts each.

Emma brought Kaya, with a Feral Warpwolf, an Argus, a Woldwyrd and Alten Ashley.

Raymond brought Thagrosh with a Carnivean and an Angelius.

Game 1, Turn 1:

Emma and Raymond both advance - only interesting thing happening at this point is Alten Ashley pings the Body off the Carnivean!

Turn 2:

The Carnivean eats Alten Ashley, and sprays the Warpwolf for a smattering of damage. The Angelius gears up for a killing charge!

Turn 3:

It was looking so promising, and then both armies back off to lick their wounds!

Turn 4:

After fully healing up the Warpwolf and the Carnivean, the two armies get back into the fray, well, almost.

Turn 5:

The real action begins! The Angelius charges the Warpwolf, and Raymond rolls shockingly bad, failing to kill it!! The Carnivean moves into a blocking position, as Raymond realises Kaya could be in range of Thagrosh. (note how far away Kaya is from Thaggy)

Turn 6: Final Turn

Kaya does the Spirit Door assassination run - reaches Thagrosh, but rolls below average on her 9 Fury worth of Attacks and only manages to scrape Thagrosh. The Carnivean then turns around and bites Kaya's head off. Game!


My comments: Wow. With a bit of indecision on both sides, this game was quite drawn out with the to-ing and fro-ing. This is why I like the Khador Mortar. It keeps your opponent honest, and forces them to come to you. Im suprised again at the incredible range of Kaya's Spirit Door, and it was only Thagrosh's above average toughness that saved his life.

Emmas comments: (coming soon)

Raymonds comments:

"I let Emma start the battle after rolling double 6's to set it up.

Crazy anti beast person hit and serverly angered my Carny who ripped it apart the following turn.

I felt abit mean for holding Em to tournament rules when she forgot to reave fury, but did it early so it wouldnt have a negative effect on the game in general.

With a Carny beaten up and circle regrouping, I decided to get him healed up. After all even though thaggy can bring him back, id prefer some more damage first, rather than the 3 points he had taken out so far. I made sure in my regroup to give carny just enough room to charge the forest, knowing that Ang could push all the way through at the same distance.

Circle spread out, and i took a risk in charging Ang, turns out a fraction of an inch im my favour, but the dice werent. Rolling a 5 on a AP charge attack = epic fail, but still a chunk of damage. Carny moved up to hold off anything running straight to Thaggy. Had to move Thaggy forward at start of turn else Ang would have been out of Ctrl range.

So apparently Kaya can get some CRAZY distance! I am happy that i put the carny where i did, but at same time not that i left Thaggy as close as i did to it, 2" from beast + reach + base size = :(

No upkeeps on Thaggy + Spiny Growth (MVP action of the match) saved me, that and no crit knockdown + average damage rolls.

Thaggy wiped the dirt from his shoulder, Put draconic on Carny and took a couple swipes at Kaya. Carny with P+S20 and 2P+S 18's sliced and diced like a Ginsu, Final damage roll needing -3 got 6+6+4.

Closing thoughts: I missed fighting non Khador! It was a fun match, sooo need to start running timed turns so we can get more games though. Em had a solid game, nice assassin run, pity dice werent in her favour for it."

At this point, Raymond had to head home, but I thought id have just enough time to have a 15pt game with Toby - Khador vs Khador.

Toby took pSorcha, with a Juggernaut, a Marauder, the Great Bears and a Wardog.

I took the Khador "Dream Team" - Karchev, Drago, Beast 09 and Karchevs trusty Wardog.

Game 2, Turn 1:

The Karchev brick vs 2 enemy Heavies - I know that Karchev will be able to get the charge, I just need to avoid Sorchas feat if possible.

Turn 2:

I blitz around the side, and Toby readjusts - trying to figure out how to take the inevitable charge.

Turn 3:

The Karchev Power-slide + Unearthly Rage makes for two very damaged Warjacks, if they had been any Warjacks other than Khador ones they would be toast this turn. Sorcha pops her feat, catching Drago and Beast, then casts Tempest to knock them all down - killing her own Juggernaut in the process. This unlocks a charge lane for the Great Bears, who charge in - killing Drago and damaging Beast. The Marauder was frozen, with no cortex, and so forfeits his turn.

Turn 4:

Beast 09 unleashes 7 shades of hell on the enemy - Threshering and killing all the Great Bears and the Marauder. Karchev moves up, and Fissures - taking off half of Sorchas health. Sorcha retaliates by charging Beast, taking out his Cortex and freezing him solid so I cant shake it off. The Wardog tries to hold Karchev in place. (silly puppy)

Turn 6: (forgot to take a photo of Turn 5) Final Turn

Turn 5 was uneventful - except that Sorcha killed Beast 09, and Karchev missed with 4 fully boosted Sunder attacks :( The Wardogs start their epic battle, killing each other 4 times, and making Tough rolls every time! Sorcha tried to kill Karchev, failing, and then Karchev simply casts Ground Zero - and boosts to damage, finishing Sorcha off.


This game was much closer than I though it would be, I am not used to fighting Khador warjacks and their sheer resilience is a force to be reckoned with. I almost feel sorry for some of my opponents now :P (almost). At the end of the day, Karchev by himself is very difficult to kill, and with shake-off effects now in place, Sorcha cant contain Karchev in one spot. I shouldnt have tried to hit her while she was DEF20, as I just kept missing, and should have cast Ground Zero in the first place. Also - Ground Zero is now AWESOME! I hadnt thought of that part of it before, that its an automatic hit. Very handy against high DEF models.

Tobys comments:

"Well, what can I say? As soon as I saw this list, I knew I had know chance of winning. 2 character 'jacks and Karchev (and the dog :P) against my 2 heavies, Sorscha, Dog and Great Bears. The sheer trauma of the list meant I tried to play defensive.

This game was very 'what if'. What if I'd remembered Precision Strike, 'what if' Toshi had remember the Counter charge are two prime examples.

Despite the loss, I was pleasantly surprised by the result. The killing of Beast 0-9 was really awesome, especially from Sorscha (with the help of the Great Bears. Precision Strike on 'jacks taking out the cortexs means that her feat becomes almost as awesome as it once was.

All in all, it was a great game, and I had a blast. But let this be known Karchev, I will get you one day!"

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