Sunday, December 18

Cryx vs Circle

Had a practice game, only 15pts this afternoon vs Emma's Circle army. Was pretty close for a while, before a critical knockdown spelled the end for Lich Lord Venethrax.

Cryx Deployment - Venethrax, 2 Deathrippers, WSC, Bloodgorgers and Gerlak.

Circle Deployment - Baldur, Woldwarden, Woldwyrd, Argus, Blackclad and a Warwolf.

Turn 1 - Bloodgorgers go up the flank, Venethrax advances to the middle, Deathripper tries to kill the Blackclad wayfarer.

Turn 2 - The Bloodgorgers swarm from the forest in an attempt to kill the Argus, most of the attacks failing miserably. The Deathripper arcs Blood Rain, corroding the Wayfarer and delivering a solid hit on Baldur.

Turn 3 - Most of the Bloodgorgers are dead, as is a Deathripper. The Argus dies also, and all of the Circle forces are now Corroding.

The Duel - 2 shots from the Woldwyrd, a Critical Knockdown spray from the Blackclad Wayfarer, a miss from the Woldwardens Earth Spikes (rolled double ones) and then Baldur forest walks into combat with Venethrax.

Bleurgh - Baldur needs an 8 to kill Venethrax on his last roll, and rolls... an 8. Nice work Baldur!

The Blackclad Wayfarer, MVP of the match. 1 HP left, and about to die next turn, he critical knockdowns Venethrax and sets up the kill for Baldur.

Thursday, December 15

Khador vs Cryx

Hey guys! Had a fun, but very long game last night versus Umbrood of Hastings Cryx army - I took Old Witch, who had with her Beast 09, full Nyss Hunters, 2 min Kossites, and various merc solos - eEiryss, Gorman, WM Marksmen, and a Manhunter.

Umbrood took along pDenny, Bane Thralls + UA + Tartarus, a Stalker, Deathjack, and Cankerworm.

This game was only 35points, but due to the nature of our armies ended up taking around 3 hours to finish!

The result was - stalemate. We ended up annihilating each others forces, Umbrood ended with pDenny and 3 Bane Thralls left, I had OW + Scrappy, 3 Nyss, my Widowmaker, Gorman and eEiryss left. I couldnt really advance and attack due to stealth, he couldnt advance because I would charge and kill him, so we just called it there.

My Kossites reeeally sucked this game, one unit came in and spent 3 turns getting killed by a Stalker, the other unit came in, charged Bane Lord Tartarus, promptly failed their leadership test and then got Threshered to create 3 more Banes for the Thrall army.

Nyss did exceptionally well, Bane Thralls needing 12's to hit due to Iron Flesh was really game changing, I did end up losing most of them over the course of the game due in part to Scourge from Denny, curses from Tartarus and one lucky dice roll from a Bane Thrall, but their CRA and Weaponmaster attacks once engaged helped keep them around.

My biggest problem was too much stealth, not enough AOEs. Most of my models literally could not shoot at 80% of his army, and I had lost Beast 09 early in a failed attempt at wiping out the Deathjack. (I did take out 3/4 of his boxes, but then died the next turn to a combined attack from Cankerworm, Ripjaw and DJ himself.)

Anyway, no pics unfortunately as I forgot to bring my camera, but most of our models were unpainted anyway so there wasnt much to see :)

Monday, December 12

Mercenary Pics!

Here are some pics of Mikes Mercenary and Khador models, a fellow gamer here in Hawkes Bay. My blog is kindly hosting them so that I can repost them in the local forum we have here - If there are any Hawkes Bay Warmachine players, feel free to join us on

Sunday, December 11

Painting Weekend

Hey guys, caught a cold off my wife this week, so I managed to get some painting finished while watching a "Die Hard-athon". Movies 1 through 4, classic good times.

Finished Epic Deneghra, a Machine Wraith, and painted up Baldur for Emma.


Machine Wraith

Baldur, the Stonecleaver

Sunday, December 4

Garage Sale! Plus Bloat Thrall Done

Hey guys, first up - just finished a Bloat Thrall, and am working on Nightmare and a Machine Wraith, they will probably be finished in a day or two I would say.

Also, I have a sale of some random mini's from Warhammer and Warmachine, which you can see by clicking this big link here.

Disclaimer: NZ buyers only please, overseas postage is too expensive :(