Tuesday, November 29

Modelling and Painting Updates

Hey guys - a bit of a lag between posting again, hard to get myself back into the swing of things I guess.

Anyway, thats not to say a lack of painting, modelling and gaming, although the stresses of buying a house and a new job do get in the way.

Ive managed to redo my old Karchev the Terrible, with a more suitable (i think) weathered and beaten look, and not such a weird hand pose.

Here is the original paint scheme, Im still not certain I actually improved him at all!

Another, mostly finished but still a little WIP model is pDenny:

And last but not least (for today anyway) is Nightmare, converted from an old Slayer I had lying around. Apart from a badass pose, Nightmares main ingredient is big claws... so I stole some tyranid ones to make his claws a bit bigger. No paint on him yet, though, Ill get on to that soon I hope :D