Sunday, December 14

2v2 - 1000pts total

Had a great game against John's Menoth and Henk's Everblight on sunday, Stephen and his Skorne was my partner for this epic battle.

Saeryn + Kreoss versus Vladimir + Makeda.

Was an interesting battle, came very close for awhile with Legion and Skorne having a massive scrap in the middle of the field. Saeryn died from Drago chopping her to pieces after putting herself into a vulnerable position. Kreoss was the last to go, with Drago again shredding him like confetti.

Makeda very nearly died about 3 or 4 times, only luckily being able to transfer enough to survive, and some dodgy dice rolling by Henk. (His seraph missed her twice, once rolling 8 needing 9, and once rolling a double one when she was knocked down!) Then John's Devout almost killed her, hitting her multiple times with its Halberd and failing to kill her when she had 2 or 3 health left.

Vlad did well, was practically unstoppable in combat with barely anything even bothering to penetrate his 18 defence. Vlad personally killed a Nephilim Soldier and a Devout, while keeping Signs and Portents up nearly the entire time as well.

The Behemoth was a force to be reckoned with, Bombarding everything in sight and generally scaring everything away. He hardly got shot at, and took no damage the whole game.

Behemoth and Vladimir hanging out, killing stuff.

The Mortar I took along spent a lot of time firing away with Signs and Portents - and not hitting the side of a barn. Still, its always fun to shoot a 20" AOE 4 bomb every round. Plus, they make it look good!

The relatively hopeless, but fun and cool-looking Mortar.

Aiyanna and Holt, my favourite Mercenary team, did not do much in this battle, but looked cool doing it. First, they were able to make the Mortar move and fire, giving it 24" range for that turn, then they tried to take out Eiryss, the elven sniper-assassin. Eiryss had already killed two of my Widowmakers, and was going to try and kill the rest and get a shot on Vlad or the Mortar. A+H were a great option to kill her. Holt managed to shoot a couple of Blighted Archers, dropping some of the team that was encroaching on my left flank (those buggers killed a Greylord, screwing with my Ice Cage tactic) and then Holt advanced while Invisible and shot at Eiryss, doing no damage. After another cowardly sniper shot killing another Widowmaker, A+H charged into combat with Eiryss and Holt killed her with one shot. Excellent work!

Aiyanna and Holt looking pimping next to Eiryss's corpse. (not pictured)


  1. Aiyanna and Holt pimping it ... love it, nice write up :)

  2. Thanks!

    I have you to thank for the great pics :) Next time i really need to bring my camera as well...