Sunday, February 21

15pt Battle - Khador vs Menoth

The third game we had that fateful day (this was actually the middle game) was a 15pt brawl between Menoth and Khador - using the pVlad list from this post here, and him taking the same list he took against Circle here except for swapping a couple of things about, biggest change being swapping the arc-node Jack for the Castigator.


John went first, and positioned his troops nice and neatly in a line. My Jacks protect Vlad, while the Mechaniks wait to help out any way they can - even if it costs them their lives! (Which, it turns out, is how they helped.) The Manhunters on the right flank, Advance Deployed.

Turn 1:
Menoth rushed forwards, covering about half the ground by running. I know that my Jacks have about an 11.5" Threat range with Vlad popping his feat, and 13.5" if I Boundless Charged them. I measured his control range, and both my Jacks were easily in range of the Castigator!! First turn feat, focus on each jack, BoK and BAM. Castigator and a Paladin down, and Drago was in melee range of the High Reclaimer! All of a sudden, I realised I was very vulnerable to a unit of charging Weaponmasters, so the loyal Mechaniks ran and engaged them.

Turn 2:
John was a bit stuck here, so did the only thing he really could. He wiped out the Mechaniks with the Knights, walked High Reclaimer away - losing half his health to Drago's free strike - and popped his own feat, bringing back the Paladin. The Paladin then charged, and did some damage to Drago.

I saw an awesome opportunity - and took it. The rest of my army killed off as many Knights from the back of the unit as i could, then Drago trampled over the remaining of them as well as the newly resurrected Paladin - under the effects of Signs and Portents and Vlads affinity.

Final Turn:

Thoroughly demoralised at the loss of his army, the High Reclaimer advanced and tried to kill Vlad with his spells - which didnt even touch the mighty Khadoran noble. Vlad pops Signs and Portents, and the Manhunter charges the High Reclaimer, killing him in two fell swoops.

Final Thoughts:

pVlad is still a beasty beasty caster, but cannot cast both S+P and BoK in the same turn anymore. This leads to a much more interesting game, with Vlad having to be at least a little bit more careful with what he is doing. Drago again, with Vlad is incredible. Unfortunately, hes the only caster that Drago is incredible with. Still, they make a great team. The rest of the army was filler, and im glad that the Mechaniks were there. They easily saved either Vlad's or Drago's life - and were well worth 2pts. Vlads feat is brutal, and on such a short table can mean early destruction first round.


  1. Was a good game mate - shouldnt have rushed forward so damn quickly with my troops.

  2. It was ok, against any other caster (except Karchev) it would have been a good strategy. The only reason I was able to get the drop on you was with Vlad's feat.

    It was a good game, next time you will be more wary of that particular attack :)