Thursday, June 18

350 Khador vs Menoth

First game played tonight was 350 points, My Khador vs Johns Menoth. (Stumpy Heaven)

I had my favourite 350 MM combo, Vlad, 2 x Zerkers and Drago (Kodiak was standing in for a Zerker today). John had a mighty force of Feora, 6 Knights Exemplar, 2 Seneschals, 2 Devouts, Heirophant and a Wrack.

First I was thinking - "Troopmachine - and now I get owned". Then I thought, all it takes is one Zerker and Feora is a goner. After a lot of manouevering and getting into place, thats what it took. One Berzerker trampling through 2 of the Knights Exemplar and 2 Boosted to hit Axe attacks and she was down for the count. Win for Khador!!

1 comment:

  1. Ah such a brutal return to Warmachine I had forgotten how nasty you were with your Khador army, still it was fun