Monday, June 22

eGaspy completed, 99% and some good practice of my camera-fu.

Here we go, glued and green stuffed together. Ill finish off the painting in the base when the green stuff has fully hardened.

He is also on CMON, if you want to vote for him you can click here.

Please let me know which photo you think is the best, and ill try to get more like that!

Saturday, June 20

Move over Choir! if you would like to see more.

DISCLAIMER: I suck way too much at art to be able to draw these.

Vayls Flying Circus @ 750 points


Vayls Flying Circus is supposed to be one of the trickier armies to fight against. Not only is it Legion Of Everbroken, who ignore practically all kinds of defence, its a type of list that spams the tricksyist models in Legion as well - Seraphs, Harriers, and Angeli. Coupled with the feat of annoyingness, this could be a very hard match up - especially since I havent played it before.

Things I can expect - 2 Angelius, at least 2 Seraphs, multiple Harriers, archers/striders with Incubi, and of course, Vayl herself.

The list im thinking of taking is the glorious Old Witch of Khador with her personal favourite, the Behemoth.

Zevanna Agha, Old Witch of Khador
> Scrapjack
> Behemoth
Gudrun the Wanderer
Kell Bailoch
Man-O-War Drakhun
> Man-O-War Drakhun (Dismounted)
Battle Mechaniks [4]
Great Bears of Gallowswood [3]
Greylord Ternion [3]
Iron Fang Pikemen [10]
> Iron Fang Officer and Standard Bearer
Winterguard Mortar Crew
Winterguard Mortar Crew

Long range attacks to force squishy Everblight to come forward - Mortars and Augury Bombards to make him come to me. IFP with Weald Secrets and the GBs to pummel anyone hiding in forests and behind cloud effects (granting me some kind of eyeless sight) Drakhun - because hes awesome and countercharge might help with movement, Gudrun for tarpit and the Old Witch for her feat, which SHOULD stop Vayls feat from having much effect (they take damage when they move with OW feat up)

Thats the plan anyway - im open to suggestion + comments, ESPECIALLY if people have had experience with this type of army before. Id like to swap Kell out for something, like Alten Ashley, but I havent got his stats to do so. I also considered dropping some of the other stuff for a Koldun Lord with a Destroyer, but I would have to take a lot out of the list to do so.

Friday, June 19

eGaspy almost finished

Another pic, with an almost done Gaspy

Thursday, June 18

750 Khador + Circle vs Menoth

For the second game of the night, Richards Circle and my Khador teamed up. I used the exact same army as last game, Vlad + Crew, and Richard took Kruegar with a Warbeast heavy force.

Menoth had a huge army, 2 big units, 5 light warjacks, 2 choir and a bunch of solos.

We had a pretty normal deployment - as I only had 4 models mine was VERRRY simple - all clumped up ready to run up as per normal. Richard scattered his to my left, and attempted to swarm his counterpart on Johns right.

Richards Circle forces eye the Khador ranks warily...

The large number of forces of Menoth

Johns army deployed scattered across the field, very imposing. We were slightly worried at being so outnumbered, but just figured we'd go for the assassination. Seneschals + Knights Exemplar were a pain in the butt, but killing them early would keep us safe.

Turn 2 - Everyones scared of advancing tooooo far.

We stalked forward carefully, making sure I didnt get charged by a meaty unit of Knights and arc-noded by the Jacks. Theres a tricky little Wrack on the right behind the building too if you look closely - POW15 will own Zerkers if they get tagged by it. I relied on BoK Vlad to do well - and well he did, unhittable the entire game. Richards Mannikins frustrated his redeemer - the first charge of a mannikin blowing off its Skyhammer, and making our lives MUCH easier.

Turn 2-ish, and we are advancing under cover. Different perspective to the previous one.

At this point - we were all in combat and things were dying. Almost all the knights and both seneschals had gotten killed, and my Zerker was down to 2 boxes left. Vlad was just Razor Winding the bejeezus outta stuff, and doing quite well at it really. A Zerker on the left of the shot was readying a Trample Charge with S+P on the next turn - but as Kruegar killed Feora we called it a night there.

Everyone is well and truly stuck in.

Result - Feora down, Kreoss alive. Vlad and Kruegar are fiiiiine. Minor victory to Khador + Circle. One more turn, and maybe it would have been different, Kreoss could have died to my crazed Zerker, or Vlad might have gone down to a concentrated assault - making the game even again.

My army didnt do much, Kruegar was much more interesting with Forked Lightnings here and there, Menoth forces charged forward much too soon and were countercharged for their troubles.

350 Khador vs Menoth

First game played tonight was 350 points, My Khador vs Johns Menoth. (Stumpy Heaven)

I had my favourite 350 MM combo, Vlad, 2 x Zerkers and Drago (Kodiak was standing in for a Zerker today). John had a mighty force of Feora, 6 Knights Exemplar, 2 Seneschals, 2 Devouts, Heirophant and a Wrack.

First I was thinking - "Troopmachine - and now I get owned". Then I thought, all it takes is one Zerker and Feora is a goner. After a lot of manouevering and getting into place, thats what it took. One Berzerker trampling through 2 of the Knights Exemplar and 2 Boosted to hit Axe attacks and she was down for the count. Win for Khador!!

Wednesday, June 17


So many an argument is started over... my Blast Template deviates THIS MUCH - did i still hit someone?

To put the world at ease, and a brief lesson at maths, here we go !!!!

If you fire at something, and miss your original target, and the template deviates off of said target, how far do you have to deviate before you dont hit the original target with blast damage?

"The math is actually pretty simple. AoEs deviate from the center of the base of the targeted model if they were in range and miss.

The base sizes are 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. Using google (or a calculator) we can determine that from the radius is:
15 millimeters = 0.590551181 inches
20 millimeters = 0.787401575 inches
25 millimeters = 0.984251969 inches

The Radius of the AoE templates is also well known: 1.5" for small, 2" for medium, and 2.5" for large.

Knowing this, we can calulate how far you have to deviate in order not to be hit by the blast damage:

Small Base, 3" AoE: 1.5 + 0.590551181 = 2.090551181" -- So you can see that a deviation of 2 will still be in range.
Small Base, 4" AoE: 2.590551181"
Small Base, 5" AoE: 3.090551181" -- The 5" template clips 50% of the time on a miss
Medium Base, 3" AoE: 2.287401575"
Medium Base, 4" AoE: 2.787401575"
Medium Base, 5" AoE: 3.287401575"
Large Base, 3" AoE: 2.484251969"
Large Base, 4" AoE: 2.984251969" -- This one is contentious if you don't do the math. It is very hard to eyeball correctly.
Large Base, 5" AoE: 3.484251969"

So to sum up, we can say that regardless of base size, a deviation of 1 or 2 with any size template will always hit (with blast damage) the target, and a deviation of a 3 will always hit the target (blast damage) with a 5" template.

Kudos to Jandrese of the PP Forums for his mathlete skills!

Sunday, June 14

eGaspy is awesome!

Hes coming along nicely, putting washes and inks on to bring out the detail. Maybe one more night on the body?

Saturday, June 13

WIP Harrower

Rawr! A converted Harrower body and legs.


WIP eGaspy!

Thursday, June 11

1v1 Circle Vs Khador - 500 points

An epic battle between two fierce enemies... kinda :D

Baldur the Stonecleaver meets up against the force of Karchev the Terrible. In this kind of confrontation, only one Warcaster/Warlock walks away alive.

As you can see from an earlier post, my list had been decided on a couple of days earlier. Just to reiterate, I had Big K, Beast, Drago, a Zerker, 2 Mortars, a team of Mechaniks and the trusty Wardog.

I was fighting against a construct heavy (typical) Baldur force - Baldur himself, a Woldwarden, 2 Woldwyrds, the everpresent Druids, a Sentry stone, some Shifting Stones, Saxon Orrick, Lord of the Feast and the INCREDIBLY annoying Swamp Gobbers.

Terrain for this battle was not in my favour - a large building on the right of my deployment zone with two minor hills in my deployment, and two forests in Richards deployment. I deployed all my heavies in a line straight across the middle - in "Blitz" pattern. The Mortars were seperated and to the sides, with the Mechaniks behind the Jacks.

Richard, sneakily, put all his guys in and around the forest - with the building blocking all LOS.

Turns 1 - 2

I advanced - casting Iron Curtain and Tow and manouvering my guys all over the place. Richard pelted me with those frustrating as hell Mannikins, doing some crazy damage to my Berzerker. Lord of the Feast snuck around behind my Jack wall - getting into position to take out my Mortar and Mechaniks. The Druids ran down the other flank, effectively circling me. (Ironic, huh?)

With such a low model count, I wanted to end it with Assassination rather than Attrition, so I (stupidly) clumped Karchy, Drago and the Zerker with the Wardog as well - in order to benefit from Sidearms and hopefully get a Tow + Feat + Crack the Whip assassination.

Richard promptly critted me in the face with an Earthspikes, Knocking Down the entire group. Lord of the Feast, in a burst of Speed, killed a Mortar and two Mechaniks, giving him 4 tokens towards the Offering. (Beast 09 promptly splatted him for his trouble.)

The other Mortar crew, having landed a direct hit on a Shifting Stone the turn before and doing 3 damage died to a Devouring from the Druids on the other flank. Almost all my support elements were dead, the remaining two Mechaniks repairing some damage on Drago and Beast 09 (which was mostly from the Mannikins).

Things are looking good from Circle's perspective!

Turns 3-5

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, losing a good chunk of my support and a heavily damaged Berzerker while having done practically no damage to Baldurs army at all (i'd killed LotF and the Sentry stone at this point) - and with the 2 5" templates he was dropping each turn it was impossible to get LOS to the sneaky bastard. So - as any general would do at this point, I retreated. :'(

This is the point where I decided retreating was a good option.

However, while retreating, I ended up getting the Berzerker killed, and my remaining Mechaniks - to no kills for me. With only Beast, Drago (also knocked down at this point) and Karchev left - I was almost defeated. Baldur advanced menacingly towards me .... and then I had it. A quick calculation in my head, and Karchev cast Tow, assigned 3 Focus to Beast 09, picked 09 up, swung him around in a crazy arc, and popped his feat.

Beast 09 charges Baldur - ignoring the focus cost, rough terrain and facing - and gets him within .5" melee range. Baldur only had one fury for transfers, and 5 attacks later (2 auto hitting at POW19) and he was TOAST.

Beast 09 lays the Smackdown

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I was amazed at this result - at turn 3 I had figured I was a goner, and merely playing to see how I would lose. The incredible speed and jack-handling of Karchev saved me again, and I didnt even need to cast Unearthly Rage!

MVP - Toss up between Beast 09 and Karchev. They worked together perfectly to get the kill.

Worst Player - Mortars. Geejus, couldnt hit the broadside of a barn. Could have been better if I had stopped them getting killed.

Final thought - Had Richard attritioned me down instead of making Baldur vulnerable - theres no way I could have won. He still had his entire unit of Druids, a Heavy and two Woldwyrds - that could have easily taken out my remaining two Warjacks and then Karchev when he was all alone. Worst play on my part - getting over 300 points of my army knocked down with one Earthspikes.

Another perspective on the smack being layed down.

Wednesday, June 10

Maelstrom Order Confirmed

Yay - within a few weeks I should have Tartarus, 2 Deathrippers, Gerlak Slaughterborn and a Necrotech (with a scrappy).

Now I just have to paint them all!! Hehehe.

Ive also got another box of Bane Thralls and one of Bane Knights waiting for me at Heroes for Sale, and after I pick up all that stuff only one more epic purchase to go....

The Deathjack!!!

Im saving him for last though. But it will be legendary once I get ahold of him.

Tuesday, June 9

500 Point Karchev Army - vs Richards Circle this Thursday

Karchev is going to scrap it out against Circle this thursday, which will be interesting since I havent used him in ages!

As a heads-up to Richard, heres my Army List ill use for the night - Im going for the Karchev Spearhead Support Army.

Faction: Khador
Points: 500
Model Count: 13
Victory Points: 22

Karchev the Terrible
> War Dog
> Beast-09
> Berserker
> Drago
Battle Mechaniks [4]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]

So the whole point will be Karchev charging in with his bodyguard of Drago/Zerker/Beast, supported by Mortar Fire and some Mechaniks to quickly fix anything thats seriously hurt. The Wardog should help out a bit, plus it benefits from Unearthly Rage woot!

Should be able to KD or freeze a few things, for easy pickings with Mortar shots and Zerker axes!

(Supposedly) Better Pics of my Cryxian Models

Im experimenting here with some photo editing programs (its actually pretty complicated) but I think I may be getting somewhere; here is my updated Skarlock and a Stalker.

The Skarlock

The Stalker

Monday, June 8

Theme for Cryxy dudes:

So - im going to briefly go over what my theme for the Cryxy dudes im modelling is.

Basically, even though I dont know if ive accomplished it properly yet with my two stalkers and the Skarlock that I have finished, is that I wanted them to be water-worn and slightly algae-like.

A mostly metal sheen to them, with the glowy green of necrotite, plus a greenish hue to the metals that make up the body and other metallic parts. A lot of rust, running through the body overall, as these things have crawled from beneath swampy water where theyve been hiding for a while.

I have been toying with the idea of barnacle like growths on them, but not sure how to do that. I think they ended up looking too green - so I *may* redo some of the washes to give them a browner look. Maybe a couple of washes on the metal areas of Brown/Red to give them a dirtier look, as they seem quite new atm.

The bases are from Iron Halo, and are their "The Fens" collection. They came out quite nicely with some Dark Angels Green Ink and Scorched Brown with Black Washes. Since it seems im going to have to Green Stuff the barstards onto their bases, Ill probably do a little modelling on the bases as well. I think some drybrushing is in order to break up the monotony of the bases brown parts as well. But I do love the bubbles coming from the murky water parts!

For the Skarlock, I aimed for a sickly white-green swirl of the ghostly part, with bone and pallid flesh for his skin and bones. Brass/gold with black wash for the metallic parts, and a Green/Blue with multiple washes over it for the spell hes casting. This didnt come out as bright as I wanted it - OSL is bloody hard too :P

All in all - this should come more apparent with better photos, and hopefully practicing the colour scheme will end up with better results later on as well.

Stalker DONE!

Finished the first stalker, with a terrible Photo. But oh well. Second one ill get finished tomorrow.


Damn, those Stalkers are much bigger than I had expected. Unless it is just the way that I put him together. I didnt like the way the PP guys do it, so I changed around the legs to point the other way.

This is the way the PP modellers put it together:

Sunday, June 7

Iron halo bases

First coat of paint on the new iron halo bases - they are looking great and will look even better after another few washes!

WIP Cryx

Playing with my new cellphone - this is some work in progress pics to go with the Skarlock earlier.

Saturday, June 6

Cryxian Shenanigans!

Just got my test Bases from, arrived in today. This was the last step for my cryx models to finish them off, as I wanted to have awesome bases to put them on.

Will be glueing them in and painting them tonight, which means photos very soon!

The finalising of my Cryx army -

Since Maelstrom have just brought out their new sale 15% off RRP (on top of their already competitive 10% off RRP pricing) im tempted to quickly fill out the last of my Cryx army with the few models I really want but cant find in any bargain bin anywhere.

(BTW, the link to Maelstrom is here)

(And the code for 15% off and no postage charge worldwide is: RISE-BEATER ... enjoy!)

My army has indeed expanded very quickly in a short amount of time, much to my wifes chagrin. Currently I now own:

1 x eGaspy (usable as Gaspy as well)
1 x eSkarre (usable as Skarre as well)
1 x Denny (usable as eDenny too)
1 x eGoreshade (not really usable as normal Gore, since I would need to proxy a Murderho.)

1 x Harrower
2 x Stalker
2 x Helldiver
1 x Reaper

12 x Bane Thralls
10 x Nyss Hunters

1 x Skarlock
1 x Pistol Wraith
1 x Ogrun Bokur
1 x Gorman di Wulfe
1 x Gudrun the Wanderer

Also have a few Mercs to use with them as well (listed above).

So I need only a couple more things to fill out my list here. MAYBE another unit, but I get bored of painting units very quickly. Another Heavy, definitely, probably Deathjack. No more 'casters, as I think I have enough, but solos that are actually good would be handy.

Therefore - an approximate list of stuff I would pick up from Maelstrom is:

1 x Deathjack (rawr)
1 x Tartarus (coz of all my banes)
1 x General Slaughterborn (since he seems pimp)
1 x Necrotech (as people think hes awesome)
2 x Deathrippers (Arcnodes!!)

Im also considering the Withershadow Combine, and a unit of Bane Knights.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I have a few days before placing the order, so I can change this around a bit if need be!

Friday, June 5

WKRPG, Good times killin' zombies!

Hey guys, if you havent heard of the WKRPG before, its basically a RPG conversion based off the free MK2 ruleset.

Its something a few friends of mine and myself have been messing around with, building ridiculously powerful characters and facing off against overwhelming odds.

Proper details for it can be found on the PP forums, here:

However, I thought id just throw up a couple of pics taken today with our crazy scenario of a 3 pronged enemy attack into a Khadoran army camp. It was good fun, poor Richard and his Gobber was horribly killed, but we managed to win in the end.

Monday, June 1

Argh, Cryx!

So I have started a new project, one which involves buying more models, but luckily with the incredible 50-75% off sale that Heroes and some guy in Chch are having, Ive picked up a lot for very cheap.

Currently I have:

2 x Stalkers (3)
1 x Box of Bane Thralls (5)
1 x Harrower (10)
1 x Skarlock (2)
1 x Pistol Wraith (3)
1 x Alt. Deneghra (+5)

So this should be a good start. Im looking into some more stuff, but may have to wait for more $$ before I get any. I also should have a good few Mercs that I can bring along, like;

1 x Box of Nyss Hunters + 1 Blister (8)
1 x Gorman Di Wulfe (2)
1 x Gudrun the Wanderer (3ish)
1 x Ogrun Bokur (3)

Assuming I use Denny as my caster, this already gives me up to a 37 pt army! Which fits nicely into the 35pt slot, taking out 2 points here and there. (Probably either goodbye Gorman, or goodbye 2 Nyss Hunters.)

All this for around $150 :)