Monday, February 15

15pt Battle - Khador vs Circle

Another quick battle at 15pts, this time the Old Witch vs Baldur the Stonecleaver.

Emma took Baldur, Megalith, a Woldwyrd, Lord of the Feast, and a Warwolf.

I took my Old Witch "Guerilla Warfare" list.

Guerilla Warfare:

Not quite painted, but getting there. I need to paint up those Kossites, but they are such bland models... this army starts off with very little board presence, but able to bring in 12 Kossites from the sides to mess with the squishy support at the back.

Old Witch and her Guerilla Army

Turn 1:

Baldur advances under cover of Forests, but luckily for me OW and the Destroyer ignore it for LOS. Destroyer takes a shot, doing practically no damage to Megalith.

Turn 2:

Old Witch hunkers down behind cover, while the Kossites move in on the left flank, trying to get behind Baldur. They take some pot-shots, doing nothing except kill the War Wolf.

Turn 3:

The Old Witch puts Murder of Crows on herself, keeping her safe. Megalith and Baldur were spamming Earth Spikes, knocking down and slightly damaging the Destroyer, but missing with most things. The Woldwyrd was causing OW's spells to cost double, which was annoying as hell. The Kossites fire some more shots, most missing horribly.

Turn 4:

Baldur pops his feat, and Megalith charges, ending .5" out of range of the Destroyer. The Destroyer laid into Megalith with his axe, failing to destroy him. Even going half speed, Scrapjack manages to charge and kill the Lord of the Feast. The Kossites aim, and need 12's to hit Baldur. 12 shots later, one hit... doing no damage.

Final Turn:

Megalith trashes the Destroyer, with POW18 fists, and Baldur fails to do any serious damage with Earth Spikes. Old Witch teleports to Scrapjack, and feeds him 4 Focus. The Kossites unleash hell, finally doing some damage to Baldur (about 1/3rd I think). Scrappy moves up, and attacks multiple times - with Baldur transferring one hit, he still goes down to the insane Warjacks multiple attacks.


Old Witch with Kossites is really good, they suit her style of play (Guerilla Warfare) to a tee, and can do some decent damage - but only on squishy models. I was lucky Emma didnt aim at them for a turn, as she probably could have killed most of them. The only problem with this list is that she cant take on heavy armour, the only high POW weapon I have is the Destroyer, and if he goes down thats it. Megalith would have been practically invincible had this game continued.

Scrappy is a decent assassin, but again, has low MAT and POW. Old Witch proved yet again hard to pin down and kill, and feels like a Cryx caster more than a Khador caster. Still, a fun game, if a long one!

Emmas Thoughts:

I hate hate hate the Kossites! They are very intimidating coming in from the side and I shouldn't have ignored them like I did in this game. If I was in this position again I think I would use Lord of the Feast to take them out and failing that probably the Woldwyrd. This was my first time using Baldur and I will hopefully better understand how to use him next time :). First time using Megalith too and loved him! Especially with Stoneskin. Now I just need Toshi to buy me the model so I don't have to proxy him.......

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