Saturday, February 13

15pt Battle - Khador vs Circle

A new game against Emma, practising the 15pt battles that Ive been building lists for. In the interests of lightning quick games, we are playing width ways rather than length ways on my 4' by 2' gaming board.

While this does allow for some extreme 1st turn threat ranges (ie, in this game, first turn my Doom Reavers charged and killed a Feral Warpwolf) the game is into it much quicker, and the pace feels more fun for 15pt games.

Todays game was Zerkovas 15pt army - The Greylord Enclave. (#5 on the list).

I was playing against Emma's first try at Mohsar the Desertwalker, with a Feral Warpwolf, an Argus and a Gorax for beasts, and Lord of the Feast for her solo.

Turn 1:

Doom Reavers charge, and 3 of them kill the Feral Warpwolf. The rest of the army moves up into combat.

Between Mohsar, the Gorax, and the Argus, they wipe out the offending Doom Reavers.

Turn 2:

Beast 09 juuuuust makes his charge attack, and Threshers both the Argus and the Gorax - freezing the Gorax solid, but failing to kill either.

Greylords move up the flank to protect against Lord of the Feast, but dont kill him.

Mohsar damages Beast, causing him to advance and get him in melee. In desperation, Mohsar kills the Lord of the Feast with Sands of Fate and takes his place.

Final Turn:

Beast 09 managed to kill both Warbeasts, but on Mohsars turn (proxied by Kaya this game btw) he cuts for full fury, and proceeds to annihilate Zerkova with a boosted Sand Howler and a boosted Crevasse. Argh!

Final Thoughts:

Great fun, and a really nice, quick game. Zerkova is good in these low point battles, but I always misjudge how resilient she is. Mohsar is another brilliant Circle lock, with almost unmatched mobility. Doom Reavers were great, advanced deployment, and 11" threat are really good in this short distance game, and they definitely made their points back.

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