Tuesday, May 29

League Game - Harbinger v eDenny!

My next league game is coming up tonight, vs Menoth - and the Harbinger. This promises to be a hard fought battle by someone with a good sense of the rules, Paul is currently on a 50% win rate, with most of those wins by Caster Kill.

This game will use the Scenario Incoming - you score 1 CP for controlling your objective, and 2 CP for destroying the enemies and controlling his zone. I will have Nightmare ready to make sure the Harbinger is scared of getting close to her objective, while eDenny pops feat on hers to get her CPs. I want to win on scenario, but against this army ill be a little off balance - and wont hesitate to wipe the Harbinger out if I can. 2nd turn would suit me the most here, but Ill take what I can get :D

Holy Zealots
-Monolith Bearer

Paladin of the Wall
Vassal of Menoth
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

The Harbinger poses a great threat to a lot of my models, with her strong spell list. Cataclysm is pretty amazing, although if Harbinger is far away even my low ARM models might survive.

More worrying are all those light Warjacks. Only one has an arc-node however, so at least that limits the amount of magical attacks coming out of the Harbinger. (This is of course the Revenger - although I always mix them up since they sound the same)

The Heavy Warjack doesnt seem too bad, most of the things it would kill are immune for the most part to its attacks.

The Zealots are the only front line unit, but they are always dangerous since they have Greater Destiny to pop once a game. If I can catch him out, ill try and take that out first. Hellmouth would be good here, as it will auto-kill them under the template.

Of course, magical solos are all here - the Paladins have Magical Swords, and the Vassal has a magical bolt. The Vassal will probably be using Enliven and Ancillary instead, but its always good to keep an eye out on that sneaky magical attack there!

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