Sunday, November 30

5 Man Tournament

Today we played a 5 man tourny, involving my Khador, Henk's Legion, Johns Protectorate, Stephens Skorne and Richards Circle.

We each managed to get at least 2 games, and a few of us got 3. (Me and John i think)

Was a great bunch of games, took about 3 hours total to finish up, due to it being 350 points only. Which is a relatively quick game. They took 45mins on average, with the exception of the final between me and Henk which took about an hour and a half. (That game definitely dragged out :P)

First place went to the best player, *achem*, myself of course :D. Second place was taken by Henk, and third place was John. I was able to win 3 games in a row, against Richard, Stephen and then Henk.

The army I had with me was Vlad + Drago + War Dog, then an Ogrun Bokur teamed up with Gudrun the Wanderer. For support, I brought Aiyanna and Holt, and the Greylord Ternion. I had really wanted to bring in the Koldun Lord, but couldnt spend the points.

The first game I played was versus Richards Circle, led by Baldur. He had with him the Lord of the Feast, a Woldwyrd, the new Minion Warlock with the Tzatzlwyrm or whatever its called, a sentry stone and an Argus.

It was going relatively well for Richard, killing the Ogrun Bokur and planting annoying forests in the way of the rest of my army, and using his feat with Baldur. However, Baldur had forest walked into close combat with Aiyanna and Holt,
who were at that point invisible. Needing 12's to hit, he attempted 3 times to smack Aiyanna in the head. Missing each time, and having no fury to transfer, an enraged Holt shot Baldur (who had harm on him) in the face, and killed him, giving me the game.

Second game I played was against Stephen and his Skorne, led by Makeda. Not having played against Skorne before I saw a couple of new things, like Savagery -> running and being able to do attacks after having run!! He had a Titan Gladiator, a unit of Paingivers, a unit of Praetorians, a Cyclops, and an Ancestral Gaurdian. We had a mexican stand off for awhile, with me taking a few potshots and killing unit leaders and the like, until Stephen advanced into range. Taking my oppurtunity, I had Vlad boost around the flank to kill some of his Praetorians, just as the Greylords were able to Ice Cage the Titan, stopping him in his tracks for one turn. Gudrun bravely charged the Guardian, needing to do 2 damage to kill it and prevent it retaliatory striking. He did 1 damage, and got smacked upside the head for his trouble. After taking some damage in the next turn, nothing critical except for the Greylords lost one member, meaning no more Ice Cage shenanigans.

Next turn, i saw an opening as Drago was in the perfect position for a slam attack on the Titan, which i knew I would have to get rid of anyway, and slammed him right over top of Makeda, knocking her down. Now, Ninja-Vlad (what I name his Defence 20, Armour 19 form) charged 12" to get into contact with Makeda, and proceeded to push 4 focus into extra attacks, and she was not able to transfer enough to survive. Ninja Vlad claims another victim!

This put me into the finals for 1st place against Henk, with the evil witch known as Saeryn. Last time I faced her, things didnt go well for Vlad as high defence is no match for Blight Bringer! (Which reminds me -> I have two further games vs Henk that I should write up)

So, knowing the high threat from Blight Bringer meant I needed to protect vulnerable solos like Aiyanna and Holt and the Greylords, I kept a defensive line in front consisting of the high armor models I had, knowing that Blight Bringer wouldnt be able to kill them. Henks army had his unit of Swordsmen, a Seraph, 2 or 3 Shredders, and the extremely annoying Nephilim Soldier.

Advancing with Wind Wall meant that the Seraph was not able to hit anything, while being in a perfect place for an early charge with the two Ogruns and they finished it easily. I had taken down a Shredder as well with Vlad, meaning he had 2 Warbeasts down. Drago ran up in his grill, threatening Saeryn early on. With the Swordsmen, he ran them and ended up pulling off Blight Bringer, killing A+H and damaging Vlad. He then popped his feat, possibly the most annoying feat ever, making all his models immune to Melee attacks. He had killed Aiyanna, which was my backup against this feat, as she can give a friendly unit/model Magic attacks, thereby getting around that rule.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. I had failed an attempted Assasination run, and was facing a tricky decision. Keep Vlad in, use him to try and kill Saeryn and possibly get killed next turn, or lick my wounds and hope my army doesnt die in the next round. I chose the second option, and was able to retreat. In the next round, Gudrun and a Greylord were killed, which wasnt too bad, thanks to some wiffed rolls by Henk. Drago had taken some serious damage however, but still had all systems intact.

Next round, and with that annoying feat gone Vlad was back in business. Saeryn ran past the Bokur to try and kill Vlad, taking the free strike. This was a bad idea, with a lucky hit the Bokur inflicted some major damage on Saeryn. After dancing around with the damn respawning Niphilim Soldier, Vlad was safe with Blood of Kings and the Wardog keeping him up. Drago was enraged at Saeryns antics, and risking a free strike from the last remaining Shredder (which very nearly took off an arm) charged over to Saeryn and in her back arc sliced her to ribbons. (Needed a 9 to hit on 3d6 dropping one, then minced her on damage.)

So - was some good games, only person I didnt play was Johns Menoth, but I am sure I will see how his games went on Johns Blog.

Hopefully we will hold this once a month, maybe next time Henk will beat me right at the end :P