Wednesday, October 14

Another Cryx MK2 army idea...

Terminus's Legion of Unstoppable Undead

Lich Lord Terminus = -4
> Nightmare
> Skarlock

Mechanithralls (full unit) + Necrosurgeon
Revanant Crew of the Atramentous (full unit)
Blackbanes Ghost Raiders (full unit)
Captain Rengrave

This is a Legion army - lots of undead infantry, with a single scary warjack quite capable of ripping apart a WC or WJ enemy. The Skarlock to help with spellcasting, and a huuuuge amount of nigh-unstoppable undead.

With 3 full units, you are sporting 30 infantry. While they are within 10" of Terminus, if they die on a roll of 5+ they are not dead. This is huge. With Rengrave, they get bonuses to attack. The ghost raiders can run first 2 turns and be inside the enemies deployment zone! being incorporeal, they are almost impossible to get rid of too.

The mechanithralls are your anti- hard target troops. They are flimsy, but hit reallly, really hard. The Necrosurgeon can heal Terminus, but also can create more Mechanithralls.


  1. Yeah - now i just need to buy 10 Mechanithralls, Nightmare, Lich Lord Terminus, the Necrosurgeon, 10 Revanant Crew, Rengrave and 4 more Blackbanes...