Saturday, January 2

New Years Resolutions for Warmachine

New Years resolutions can take place in any part of your life, and ive made a few personal ones which im sure no-one cares about :D

However, ive made a few Warmachine ones too, and these ones can keep me honest by being posted and tracked on this blog.

Resolution 1: Play 52 games over 52 weeks! - I need to use some of these models ive spent $100's on.

Resolution 2: Take my revenge against Kaya the Wildborne!

Resolution 3: Play at least 3 games with each of my 35 point Theme Lists

Resolution 4: Have at least one fully painted 35 and 50 point Theme List (only able to be properly completed after FoW: Khador is released)

Resolution 5: Apply and become a Press Ganger for Privateer Press

Resolution 6: Host at least 1 major event with a decent prize for Palmerston North players.

So hopefully ill be able to complete these, wish me luck!


  1. Then one of my New Years Resolutions will be to beat each of your lists at least once each! :P

  2. Haha, good luck with that :)

  3. 52 games in 52 weeks?! hmm will look forward to helping with that

  4. hehe 3 down!! just gotta do the report now :)

  5. Hah feel gifted tht such a feat is possible for you. I painted a bunch of Orboros a year back while bored overseas and return to find nobody in the Bay Area that plays :(
    Warhammer and more Warhammer.

  6. That sucks Joseph, well, if you want to move to Palmerston North we have a good group of people playing over here!! hehe.

    Ive gotten off to a good start, but it will be interesting to see if i can keep it up over the rest of the year.