Thursday, October 13

Two games in - and the enthusiasm is back!

Had my second game last night, with a karchev + jack heavy list, and won on caster kill. This was a welcome relief from my first game, where I lost by scenario. The scenario in this game was to control a 12" diameter circle in the middle of the map - I was playing against an Irusk tier list which included the Behemoth.

No pics, unfortunately (forgot to take the camera) but it unfolded like this: 2 units of Man of War come in from his flank to the middle, plus the Behemoth and a Berserker. I totally mess up a Karchev power slide and end up 1-2" away from the Behemoth with 3 of my jacks. Then, my opponent messes up by forgetting to allocate focus to the behemoth - leaving the Behemoth failing to damage (significantly) any of my jacks. My turn - and Unearthly Rage wrecks both the Behemoth and the Zerker, and from that point I was just clearing troops till Irusk went down to a powerslide + Unearthly Rage attack by Drago/Spriggan/Kodiak. Good times :)

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