Sunday, December 18

Cryx vs Circle

Had a practice game, only 15pts this afternoon vs Emma's Circle army. Was pretty close for a while, before a critical knockdown spelled the end for Lich Lord Venethrax.

Cryx Deployment - Venethrax, 2 Deathrippers, WSC, Bloodgorgers and Gerlak.

Circle Deployment - Baldur, Woldwarden, Woldwyrd, Argus, Blackclad and a Warwolf.

Turn 1 - Bloodgorgers go up the flank, Venethrax advances to the middle, Deathripper tries to kill the Blackclad wayfarer.

Turn 2 - The Bloodgorgers swarm from the forest in an attempt to kill the Argus, most of the attacks failing miserably. The Deathripper arcs Blood Rain, corroding the Wayfarer and delivering a solid hit on Baldur.

Turn 3 - Most of the Bloodgorgers are dead, as is a Deathripper. The Argus dies also, and all of the Circle forces are now Corroding.

The Duel - 2 shots from the Woldwyrd, a Critical Knockdown spray from the Blackclad Wayfarer, a miss from the Woldwardens Earth Spikes (rolled double ones) and then Baldur forest walks into combat with Venethrax.

Bleurgh - Baldur needs an 8 to kill Venethrax on his last roll, and rolls... an 8. Nice work Baldur!

The Blackclad Wayfarer, MVP of the match. 1 HP left, and about to die next turn, he critical knockdowns Venethrax and sets up the kill for Baldur.

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