Wednesday, January 28

Round 7 of the Warmachine Campaign

Round 7 of the Campaign:

This next round it was Stephen, not John rolling for our special event - and he rolled us up a doozy. The Supernatural Fog event is one of the trickier events to get around, as all LOS is limited to 8". However the rule is that if one of your models has LOS to an enemy, they can give other models that information. Also, all ranged attacks automatically miss at 8"+. (Similar to stealth)

FOG OF WAR (LOS limited to 8")

Richard and I were tied for priority this game, so rolled off who would challenge first. Richard took about 10 minutes to decide, and eventually picked John as he had not played him yet during this campaign. Me going second, I didnt want to play Stephen twice in one night and so picked Raymond. I used my premade Karchev army, (oh the evil things you can do with +25 points) which included Karchev, Drago and 2 Berzerkers.

Initial Territories:

Raymond - 6
Toshi - 7
Stephen - 4
John - 5
Henk - 9
Richard - 7

I only saw the end of Richard and Johns match, go to Stumpy Heaven to see his full write up on it (which should be up today) but the end was very intense, it went to full time also - but this game was a frantic struggle for Victory Points which Richard succeeded in grabbing much more than John - as John tends to spread his damage out over things, and Richard likes to concentrate firepower and take one thing out at a time. John only had Feora and his Choir left at the end, and although most of Richards models were on fire (thanks to Feora's feat) he hadnt lost a significant enough amount to give John the game.

The match between Raymond and I was over pretty quick, the 8" LOS rule annoyed me a little but since my effective range was at most a 7" charge, I was ok with it. I went with the line of brawlers strategy, charging 4 heavy warjacks as fast as they would go into the enemy lines. Of particular concern to me was the Carnivean, which, as I have experienced before, is quite capable of ripping Karchev into small, bite-sized pieces in one round. However, protecting Karchev with the Iron Curtain, I was able to bait the Carny into charging one of my Zerkers, who also was in combat with the Forsaken. An entire unit of Swordsmen died to various effects, including Karchev's fissure, Iron curtain shenanigans, and an angry Drago. One Berzerker suffered a lot of damage, losing both arms. This was the one the Carnivean had pummelled.

Irregardless, a casting of Unearthly Rage and a charge with 2 focus left with Karchev left the Carny sliced into steaming chunks of blighted flesh. The Berzerkers did what they do best, and minced a shredder or two and a bunch of Swordsmen. One failure was the last Berzerker, with no arms, even under UR unable to kill the Forsaken, which finished it off in his next turn. Karchev took a couple of arrow shots to the face from Lylyth, which, even with boosts bounced off his armour. Karchev finished the game with an Unearthly Rage charge +1 focus for an extra Sunder attack and finished the game by splitting Lylyth in two.

Most Valuable Models - Karchev by far (I had forgotten how much fun he is!)

Richard wins 8vp to 3vp.
Toshi wins with Caster Kill with Karchev the Terrible.

No bonds were made these games.

End Summary:

Raymond - 5
Toshi - 8
Stephen - 5
John - 4
Henk - 9
Richard - 8


  1. I still say i won that last one, stupid Hordes ability to transfer damage from casters with -3 life left GRRRR

  2. Hahaha, yeah while i see your point John, unfortunately the rules say otherwise :)