Saturday, July 18

First game using Cryx! 350 point battle.

For my first game with Cryx, I put together an army basically made out of my finished models.

This meant, Gaspy for my warcaster, with a Skarlock Thrall, a Deathripper, a Stalker and the Harrower - along with Gorman Di Wulfe for support.

I was playing against Emma with her Circle army - she was using Baldur for the first time and had a Woldwarden, Woldwyrd, and the Druids of Orboros + Overseer.

It was a very long game with decisions being made over spells with much thought but at the end of the day Gaspy sucked Baldurs soul from his body and devoured it.

Thoughts on the Cryx units I fielded:

Harrower - an awesome Jack due to All Terrain and Spiderlegs, however I found him slightly lacking in comparison to my Khador Jacks. He was the highest POW I had - at P+S 16. He was rolling -2 against a Woldwarden for gods sake! Also, an early Devouring blew off his gun arm, ruining a lot of his versatility. He still went on to kill a few druids, the Woldwyrd and the Woldwarden though.

Deathripper - MAN arcnodes are FUN! My fun didnt last long though, as an Earthspikes crippled the Arcnode after i'd used it once. This little guy may work better in a pack, as just one of them died too easy.

Skarlock Thrall - woohoo, so handy. Its like the utility of a Woldwarden for ~15 points! Although he also died in battle, he lasted a long time and spat out Hellfires and Breath of Corruptions most of the game, doing some damage and making for a good distraction.

Gorman - As Ive used him before, I was pretty sure how he would play out - luckily for me though, Emma failed to kill him after he had Black Oiled the Woldwarden, and he went on to Black Oil the Woldwarden again and Baldur twice! MVP as he kept the heaviest hitters out of the fight.

Stalker - Really cool, but really flimsy. I manouvered him waay too far out on the flank, and he got ripped to shreds by the Woldwarden. Ill have to try him again later...

Gaspy - this is a really cool Warcaster. High DEF and ARM are made better by high FOC to boost his ARM to 23 if he wanted, his melee ability is moderate with the exception of Sustained attack. I didnt get to do the cool assassination run, and I probably mis-popped his feat, but I was impressed by the powerful spell Hellfire and Breath of Corruption. Parasite was awesome too, but a few of his spells are Warcaster and Warjack specific, so didnt get much use in this game. Shadow Wings is cool if you want to be a wuss, and I used it once to advance really far up the field. Not really a buffing 'caster, his only really good spell was Scything Touch, which I wasted by having it on the Stalker (who then died early). I think I will definitely use him again!

All in all, a good first game with Cryx, I think more Deathrippers would be good, and maybe a unit instead of the Harrower (at least for MK1) Skarlock and Gorman are invaluable though, so they can definitely stay!!!

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  1. Sweet mate - looking forward to trying my Menoth against them