Monday, July 13

Long time since posting

Well, due to some random personal stuff, I wasnt able to get to an easily bloggable computer, so I took a bit of time off.

That being said, im back and ready for some more fantastic action! I have three Necrotechs on the painting table at the moment, and although they are pretty crappy in MK1 I have high hopes for them in MK2!!

In other Privateer Press news, the stats for the Retribution models are out in NQ25, and they look pretty amazing. Go check out the official forums to see them.

The Juggernaut EXTREME has been released:This monstrous, beastly, insane, (massive) Warjack is like the EXTREME Warpwolf and Dire Troll, the first in the Warmachine line to get the EXTREME treatment. (Yeah, its so cool it can only be expressed in caps.)

I want one, but at a minimum of $60 US I dont think I will be getting one any time soon.

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