Monday, February 15

15pt Battle - Circle vs Menoth

This game was between Emma and John - John had his list that you can see here at his blog, and Emma took a list similar to what she had brought last game:

Mohsar the Desertwalker
War Wolf
Lord of the Feast

Turn 1:
The deployment: A line of Knights, against a lone few Warbeasts...

The main advance. You can just see Lord of the Feast in the background, about to munch on some Menite artillerists.

Turn 2:

Circle is defensive, but manages to Crevasse most of the Knights Exemplar.

Turn 3:
Menoth has almost lost all of his troops, and most of them aren't coming back. The Circle forces are able to defend, and are practically untouched.

Final Turn:
On his last legs, the High Reclaimer pops his feat - and a Seneschal appears in Mohsars back arc. 2 attacks and a chain-attack Smite later, and Mohsar has been assassinated!

My Thoughts:

Even though I didn't play this game, this was a close match with some great swings of momentum. I thought Circle had it in the bag, and then Menoth came back with a brilliant use of his feat to get an awesome Assassination run. Exciting games!

Emma's Thoughts:

I could almost taste the win in this game, but that was right before the High Reclaimer popped his feat. Thankfully few of the models could return due to Mohsar removing them from play rather than destroying them with Crevasse. However, it only took one Seneschal being resurrected in Mohsars back arc to finish him off. Next time I'll be more careful about Seneschals! Very pleased with Lord of the Feast, he was awesome and loving Crevasse. Mohsar is my current favorite caster!

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  1. crevace is freaking horrible - should be a law against it or something :)