Thursday, October 16

1v1v1 Game - Everblight vs Khador vs Menoth

Played a 3 way game of Warmachine last night, 3 armies at 400 points each. I took a new Warcaster (ZOMG!), Vladimir, instead of Karchev. Blasphemy, i know.

However, given my shocking defeat against Everblight last week, i decided i needed to try a different tack against their redicoulous "ignore terrain" and "ignore LOS" rules.

My army was:

Destroyer x 2
Aiyana and Holt
Widowmakers x 4

Played against Henk with his standard Beast fare - Carnivean, Seraph, 3 x Shredders a unit of Archers and Lylyth. Richard was borrowing a Protectorate of Menoth Army, and had a choir, a large ranged Jack, two little Jacks, one with a shield and one with a flamethrower. As well as that, he had some artillery that did nothing the entire game, and a Vassal to go with Amon Ad Raza.

Started off deploying as a triangle on an oblong shaped board, i had bottom left corner, richard had bottom right, and henk was top. Unfortunately for Henk, we gravitated towards him, and caught him as he split his forces. Most of them were sent against me, with the Archers fighting off the Menoth forces as they approached.

A dangerous move, the Seraph advanced on Aiyana and Holt and unleashed its strafe attack (the barstard ignores invisibility) and throughly slaughtered them - and then i remembered Holts special Quick Draw rule, and saved their butts. Aiyana and Holt then rushed the Seraph, who was destroyed and turned into Dragon burger by Holt going nutty and unleashing his fury on him. (4 attacks, 2 at PS12 + 5d6, dropping the lowest)

The Carnivean advanced, ending up just out of charge range of the Destroyers. Vlad popped his feat, and the Destroyers ran up and hacked it to tiny pieces. Lylyth, at this point, ran away to fight another day, as my army was still at full strength. Uneventfully, the Archer unit was fighting Richards Menoth army - where it did no damage, except to blow the flamethrower off a light jack, and Menoth's couple of jacks killed the majority of the archers.

Best part of the battle was my destroyer punting a shell at Lylyth - rolled a 1 for deviation direction, then a 5 for distance, blasting both the Seraph and Lylyth with a tasty chunk of damage. (Ended up firing 19" and catching the both of them in the blast)

So - in conclusion, Vlad is an awesome support caster, who works really well with both ranged and melee attacks. Two destroyers are great, 2 bombards a turn gives a high chance of landing at least one of them!!

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  1. Signs and Portents doesn't work on Aiyana and Holt thank god. They aren't Khadoran models :)