Thursday, October 23

Recap on models / units used in the last battle, and how to make them better!

So, as I have posted before, the last 2 battles i had last night were a little disappointing. The army i took was a ranged attack force, with a solid melee ability once it got to that stage of the game. The main block was pVladimir with 2 Destroyers backing him up.

Normally, I would assign a couple of focus to each Destroyer and cast Signs and Portents, giving them RAT 3 + 4d6 and dropping lowest to hit (which works out to average around RAT 15-ish) allowing me to plant a heavy AOE in the middle of a unit due to Arcing Fire. In the first game I dont think i chose my targets very well, with some wasted shots hitting a Sentry Stone and a couple of heavy Warjacks before the melee started and no more shots were able to be taken. (Although, i must note that the last Bombard i fired landed on the knocked down Lord of the Feast killing him)

The second game we had I was able to use them a lot better, with a massive hit landing in the middle of the Temple Flameguard killing 8 out of 12 of them, and my other Destroyer able to kill off 4 out of 6 Wolves of Orboros. This game was not concluded, but from there they would have been able to wreak much more havoc in the enemy lines, and possibly kill one of the enemy Warcasters.

So - overall performance, Destroyers got a 8 / 10.

Vladimir, with his copious use of Signs and Portents really supported my army, with a total of 7 focus he was also able to give my Destroyers the power they needed to slam and boost when they needed to, while still having enough to keep Signs and Portents going. He never made it into combat, but I really wish he had while BoKing as I havent done it before, and wanted to see what kind of mayhem he would unleash.

Due to his support of my army in both games, he gets a 7 / 10.

My 4 strong unit of Widowmakers get mixed reviews for this game, the first game they stealthily attempted to outflank the Menoth units coming close to them - but due to a bunch of reaaaaly crap rolls and my lack of foresight in the next turn ended up getting turned into crispy corpses at the hands of the Temple Cleansers. Also, i thought that Cleansers always exploded, but turns out they dont. :S

Second game, they provided an essential speedbump, although they only killed one of the Flamegaurd they were run into by them the next turn, engaging them in combat. They were able to run away luckily without any of them getting killed, but because of that the Destroyers had a field day and landed their AOE's in the middle of the enemy. They then got slaughtered by the Druids of Orboros the next turn, but hey, you cant always get what you want.

Died too quickly and did little damage -> but good for tactical manouevering so 5 / 10.

Yuri the Axe and the Manhunter hid around in forests the entirety of the 1st and 2nd game, they didnt end up getting into combat because of their lurky ways, but thats ok as they were able to corner the enemy forces in such a way that when they WOULD have charged out i would done enough damage to alter the game.

Because they hid the entire game and didnt kill anything -> 3 / 10.

Next up is Orin Midwinter, the Rogue Inquisitor. Looked like his second most important ability, the Null Magic move, did absolutely nothing. However, he was able to do some damage with his Lightning bolt, killing a couple of weak models here and there. So not completely terrible, just kind of terrible. Will have to practice more with him, but on the bright side, at least he didnt get killed at all.

Zapped a few people and didnt die -> 6 / 10.

Last but not least, Lady Aiyana and Master Holt. In the first game, Holt had killed a few guys with his guns, but didnt really make too much of an impact. Then, A+H were knocked down by Kreoss's cowardly feat (man thats a pain in the ass) and Aiyana took a spear to the head and died :(. After that lackluster attempt, in the second game they were able to do a little more damage and wiped out a few troopers. Nothing really spectacular, but i feel they were not able to reach their full potential here. Maybe next game...

Shot a few people, but died once -> 5 / 10.

So, in conclusion, Destroyers and Vlad worked great, most of my other units either lurked around looking silly or were killed unluckily. Well, better luck next time!

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  1. Nice recap Toshi and your right that 2nd game definately went better for Khador I dont think we would have lasted much longer against you