Wednesday, October 22

Epic 2v2 1000points a side battle

Tonight we will be having a 500 points per player 2v2 match, Khador And Everblight versus Circle And Protectorate of Menoth.

I know what my army is going to be, but not too sure about the others just yet. Ill put it up here, on the off chance that John reads this before tonight he will get an inkling as to what he will be facing. Not that i have that many models to mix it up anyway!

- Destroyer
- Destroyer
Yuri the Axe
Orin Midwinter
Aiyana And Holt

Basically, i have a good unit of Advance Deployers, allowing me to strategically take a tasty piece of terrain and turn it into a killing ground -> the combination of Widowmakers and the Manhunter team being able to kill anything, be it troopers or 'jacks/'beasts.

Then i have Vlad with his two destroyers, giving him superior range and damage capability (AOE 3" + Arcing fire + Boosts + Signs and Portents) means i can shoot anything in range and land a big fat AOE with Signs and Portents and extra focus to boost damage, should be able to hit even difficult things with it. Or at the very least, catch something in the blasts!

Then i have a third squad, A+H and Midwinter, who will act as an annoying thorn in the side of the two we are facing, easily able to assasinate a Warcaster that gets sloppy and on top of that, they are almost impossible to kill!

So yeah. Will report on this battle after i have slaughtered the opposition. =D

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