Saturday, December 13

Painting Done

Done a bit more painting, finished off a few models that were ALMOST done this weekend, both my Manhunters (one of them being the Manhuntress) Holt was finished off today as well, as well as basing on a few Winterguard, Kovnik Joe, Gudrun and the Ogrun Bokur (not excellently done though, i will need to redo them a bit.)

Also finished eVlad, which I am very happy with, I will put pic's of him up later on to show off :)

In other news, had a game vs. Henk the other day, pSorcha vs. Rhyas. Spent the first 2 turns dancing around, then popped my feat and froze Rhyas solid and proceeded to wail upon her. 3 Fury on her meant a lot of transferring, so every hit had to count. Had 2 Destroyers bombard her, 4 Widowmakers sniper her (rolling for damage) and then 2 Mortars fire on her, both missing (GRARRR) until finally Holt walked up and shot her with his pistols, killing her.

Sorcha WOOSH tactic successful!! I will bring this list to the games we will be playing this arvo, Henk, John, Stephen and I. Also bringing eVlad, in case I get a 750 point battle.

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