Monday, December 29

Christmas Week

Well, its been a long week what with work heating up and lots of stuff to do over christmas family wise, but there has been some great parts as well.

Went in to Heroes for Sale, with a $100 note from work to pick up Beast 09, and try and convince the owner to give him to me for $100 instead of $134. Walk in -> Big sign says "50% off all Warmachine!" WOOHOOOO!!

So, i came out 10 minutes later with no $100 note, but i did have Beast 09 and a unit of Circle Druids. So I was happy about that for sure!

For Christmas I got my friend Raymond a Legion boxset to start himself off - Damn Legion players :P Its all the scantily clad ninjas and dragons that attract people. So I told him about the sale as well, and he picked up 2 Shredders, a Strider Deathstalker and a box of Swordsmen. Boosting him to around 500 points.

Had two games over this week as well, one against Raymonds Legion playing as Emma's Circle army, it was supposed to be boxset vs boxset, but i swapped out the Warpy for a Woldwarden. We didnt quite get to finish it, but it was interesting being my first game playing a Hordes army!

Emma had a game against Raymond before this, and she won through a clever Spirit Door that raymond hadnt been told about before hand, but hey, better he learns about this now than later!!

On Sunday Emma and I played a 500 point game between us, she took Warbeast heavy with 2 Argii, Warpy, Woldwarden, Woldwyrd and a Gorax with Kaya. I decided to demonstrate Infantrymachine and took a unit of 8 Winterguard with UA and Kovnik Joe, as well as 2 Units of Greylords, a full unit of mechaniks and a Mortar (which deviated badly during the game and killed all my mechaniks.... lol.) Also had a Spriggan for heavy support, and took Kommandant Irusk for a spin as well.

I did win the game, but almost my entire army had been destroyed. Spriggan + Superiority was great, i only used Inhospitable Ground once, and basically killed everything with a combination Spray attacks from the Greylords and the Spriggan. I only had one unit of Greylords left, Irusk, the mortar and one other Greylord left over.

Irusk is good, but lacks offensive capability. Iron Flesh is awesome, so is Superiority, i forgot to use my feat the whole game as well :S Winterguard again underperformed, but are good as throwaway troops. Having a large unit of Tough yet weak troopers is handy to suck up damage that would otherwise be aimed at my important models such as the Greylords. Greylords are just awesome, i forget how strong POW12 sprays are, very effective and a high RAT to boot! Mortar was full of hilarity, doing about 2 damage to Emma's beasts and wiping out a unit of Mechaniks on my own side.

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