Friday, November 27

Scorched Earth - Secondary list - Karchev!

The second list im thinking of for Scorched Earth:

Army Points: 40
Karchev the Terrible-5
Beast 0911
Battle Mechaniks (6)3
Battle Mechaniks (6)3
Koldun Lord2

Karchev and his crew (the three character jacks) are towing around all over the place, aided by Sidearms etc, while the Mechaniks wait in the wings to run in and repair if needed, while the Koldun Lord is there to throw the odd Power Booster if focus gets tight, and Fenris is there, because, well, hes cool looking :D

On second thoughts, maybe swapping Fenris for a Wardog and an Ogrun Bokur would be a good idea, to protect Karchev from more assassination attempts...

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