Sunday, November 1


Heres some pics from our campaign in the WKRPG - we had a party of 6, including such notables as Gribbler the Blighted Gobber, Syrax the Persuasive One (a Satyxis), and Axe the Juggernaut, a mighty Trollkin.

We faced off against around 16 Winterguard and their Widowmaker attachment, and after they got the jump on our group did some serious damage to one of our little Gobber friends, luckily not Gribbler though!

After some intense hand to hand combat and a mighty shooting duel between Raymonds Iosan bowwoman and two Widowmakers our group was successful, and routed the remaining enemy forces to complete Part 3 of the Deceptive Myriad.

After his Gobber master goes down, the Wardog frenzies maniacally and attacks the Winterguard - who fight back admirably, and nearly kill it!

Syrax, Trog and Gribbler take on the majority of the Winterguard in close combat, with Gribbler blasting away with his Hand Cannon.

The two Winterguard on top of the tower prove difficult to remove, and they fire down on our group throughout the game until Axe unleashes his fury on them. On the right you can see Raymonds ranged chick fighting off the Widowmakers.

An overall view of the battlefield, with some awesome dice rolls to go with it!!

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